Technology Conspiracies!

Keyboards with illuminated keys are scanning your fingerprints :fearful:

I thought you said you were gonna stop eating moldy rye bread?


Wouldn’t it make more sense for biometric locks on phones to be saving your fingerprints?

Anyway, here’s a better conspiracy theory. Google and all the aps on your phone are collecting all sorts of data on you in order to serve you targeted ads. The scope of the data collection and sophistication of their algorithims has gotten so good that some people have begun to swear up and down that their phones are straight up listening to their conversations. In fact, this is why so many apps ask for permissions to things that they have absolutely no need to access.

People were worried that the vaccine contained tracking chips, but why the ■■■■ would anyone develop tech to do that when they can just use your phone, and people readily give apps permissions to everything.
No P2W

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You didn’t know about this?

The FBI sends finger prints to Google for ID!!

Oh hell!
If that’s the case, what are those fancy gaming chairs doing???

It would be a lot more exciting if they took a retina sample.
The screaming would never end.

Unrefined ergot is rather painful and uncomfortable and depending on when you are can get you burned or tortured to death.

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“They” have been pulling samples from selfies for years…

Dont trust the Screens either. If your screen illuminates, it is scanning your face and your surroundings.

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I just found out this is what caused the chip shortage!!!


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