Tell people what they're buying

I’ve gotten offers for a number of different bundles that don’t tell you what it is you’re getting…anywhere.
I got an offer for a “Destroyer Bundle” and had to reach out on live chat to get an idea of what it contained. No information besides “a ready to fly ship…and more”, no details on the online store, couldn’t even find a reddit post where somebody talked about it…I mean it’s $16…cummon.

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lets take a look to these contracts and see what they offer oO ?
and if someones offer you anything without showing you or let you controle it before you finaly accept it then its a scam !

this looks like a CCP offer because you said somethinb about $ and not ISK ? im not realy sure if they sell ship hulls right now but maybe they do ! and if they sell it then youve got an detailed list on items what you get !

I’m too visited NEW EDEN STORE to get this free 7day time and curiously pressed some other lots.
Was my surprise that some of the ITEMS listed there doesn’t even have CONTEXT INFO button, so customer has NO IDEA what’s behind it.
Surely this doesn’t play on seller’s hand!

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