Timing offerings for new players


I started a new character to go through the current NPE, so I could compare it with the upcoming one.

I was almost immediately hit with an offering for the Destroyer pack.

I’m not against marketing PLEX and SP to players. But getting into a Catalyst to do all the Career Agents makes them way way way too easy. You don’t even need to use the ships and mods you get or learn what they do because you’re so OP. Maybe wait until the Career Agents are finished to point players to this?

I’m sure you’re already talking to CCP about the NPE and the offerings, so this is just another detail to consider.


I am making a guess here but I think that telling the customer that there WILL be options, even before they need them, is considered getting your foot in the door. I am not a salesperson so I do not know for sure but that feels right.

Oh and then you remind them of the offer again when they do need it (ie triggered when you complete destroyer 1 training)


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