Temporarily expanded beta cloud client

Please consider expanding the cloud client beta access program internationally.
So that those with hardware issues can access bought and paid for capualeer day gift shinies!
I’m not expecting a new egg skin but if I miss one due to being client-crippled I’ll be so sad.

Your hardware can’t even launch eve?

Now this is a radical suggestion, maybe don’t purchase video games on a platform you don’t own.

I bought an official Ferrari fob key chain, someone should let me test drive 2022’s Ferrari as a loaner.

There is no way that beta cloud eve anywhere is representive of the true cost of a consumer ready model. I’d expect you’ll be pay 2x plex or 1.5 at very best which is likely not marketable.

You also need to have low latency hence the region test only, then couple that with latency to London. Meh for eve who cares but for say a fps, then yuk.

You would need cloud servers only for competitive gaming.

Also the gulf between cloud rental & high performance GPU ownership is trivial coupled with easy access to consumer credit with low intrest. Cloud computer gaming is the future but not this decade with current GPU pricing being so low & competitive.

CCP would have been better to invest in on box advertising with a 3rd party GPU manufacturer or gaming mobo alongside gametime vouchers.

Making eve have browser functionality meh, too but I reckon roi from that will not be as costly as this premature cloud gaming experiment.

this is absolutely all about you and your fob…

I doubt CCP could do this unless they had already planned to expand. Just expressing a whimsy.

Correct, as my attempts to VPN game the system with ChromeOS has borne out.

I do (and don’t) miss my older linux tower lost to hardware failure of imprecisely known causality.

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