Tengu,After patch

(Tristano Lightbringer) #1

I want to get in a Tengu,for PVE in general,but…what are the real possibilities of this ship?(after the t3c patch) It can run escalations? It can run whormole sites?

(DeMichael Crimson) #2

Yeah, T3 cruisers can do a wide range of PvE content, such as scan for and run exploration sites as well as run level 4 Epic Arcs. With a good fit and high skills, it should have no problem doing sites in C1 to C3 w-holes.

(Tristano Lightbringer) #3

And Escalations? It’s possible to run like…a 10/10?

(Matt Benneth) #4

All except Blood one.

(Zhilia Mann) #5

The Tengu is still largely limited (at least in terms of PvE) by how much you’re willing to spend. I wouldn’t be keen taking one in to a Blood 10, Serpentis 6, or Blood Minor Annex but otherwise I think it can handle itself rather well.

(elitatwo) #6


aww man, I have never seen a Blood Raider DED complex above the Monastary or the Guristas ones below the Maze. I saw a few angel cartel DED 8 and 10/10 but I have yet to see the others.
The Serpentis 7, 8 and 10/10 are easy and if you don’t tell anyone, I am admitting doing them in a Myrmidon.

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