Tengu skill reimbursement - move SPs to different character

So a, uh, “friend” of mine had his Tengu skills reimbursed to a character “he” no longer plays. Petitioned to have the SPs moved to a different character on the same account and was told “no can do.”

Before he escalates the issue he would like to know whether anyone’s had any different GM responses on this matter. On the one hand there is no point in an escalation/wasting GM time if this is not possible for reasons, on the other hand, from personal experience, some GMs are rather… “new” shall we say.

If that’s the character the skills were trained on that’s where the SP is going to end up. If you want it off that character use an Injector. Otherwise there’s no reason the SP should be moved anywhere else by CCP.

If the SP was reimbursed incorrectly (somehow) then file it as a bug, make sure it’s 100% clear that it was put on a character other than the one that actually trained the skills, and if possible provide corroborating evidence and/or proof.

Otherwise I have no idea why your ‘friend’ would ever expect their SP to end up anywhere other than the character that trained the skills.

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Can you extract unallocated SP?

I believe you have to assign it to a skill to do so, but there’s no loss in the conversion from free to skilled SP, so that’s not a huge deal generally.

If its a character “he” (you) no longer play, why do you feel entitled that it be moved where you wish it?

Use an extractor, or just deal.