TEST Open Practices to Resume

With the holidays now behind us, we in TEST are starting to get a little restless. I think its time to resume Open Practices.

For those of you unfamiliar with our service, we will set up arenas in S-U8A4 on Singularity for public use. We will be available for scrims for at least an hour on Saturdays at 20:00. We will put bookmark packs up on public contracts for any arenas we make. Please take one contract and copy the bookmarks for your members. If you want to make an arena yourself, feel free. Please be courteous and share the bookmarks in a like manner.

There is a captains’ chat channel for coordination of matches; scrimmage_cpts. Ask Soldarius, suicide, or Jeison Frenzy for access. Please limit participation in this chat to captains or their designee(s).


  • Arenas are first come; first-served.
  • Winner cleans the arena.
  • Ask for matches in the coordination channel, and announce which arena you are using so you don’t get 6 teams trying to use the same arena at the same time.
  • Match rules are whatever you agree to with your opponents. This includes bans or no bans and point schedules. As a general suggestion we recommend using the most recent Alliance Tournament rule set.

I think that about covers it. See you on the field.

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Hell yeah we’ll see you there!!!

Is there a possibility to get channel invite and some bookmarks thrown my way?

Chat is a little broken on the test server right now. Once you are in S-U8A4 ask for the captain’s channel.

57 in local right now, seems the season has begun :slight_smile:

Ah, set the arena up to watch your opponent battle and then crush them in the actual tournaments.

Will the Test OPEN be with the new rules from now on ? https://www.eveonline.com/article/p8xer5/alliance-tournament-2018-rules-and-sign-ups

"Announcement…A…noun cement…TEST Open Practices to Resume.


Please Ignore


Since the rules are released just today, I will forgive you if you don’t have anything ready this weekend. But teams are encouraged to make adjustments in accordance with the new rules as soon as possible.

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Test still running these btw? My alliance is looking to start doing some AT practice. (If anyone else is interested, message me)

Absolutely. Saturdays at 20:00 in S-U8A4, 9 jumps from 6-CZ49.

Hi all. For the time being we are still doing this in S-U8A4. You will need to moveme to FD-MLJ instead of 6-CZ, since CCP removed it as a moveme system.

In the future (like maybe next year) we will reconsider using this system since it is quite a few jumps from FD-.

Best of luck in the tournament.

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