Tethering States for Overview and removal of forced tether effects

As per the title - add 2-3 new states for the overview to filter “tethered, not tethered, barely tethered” The last is an optional to represent the orange tether, but really isn’t needed for the purpose.

This would allow users to set overviews to see what ships are tethered and what ships are not, this would result in the ability to remove the forced tether effects from the client as they would no longer be needed and allow saving of system resources.

This would also save server resources in the reduced server calls for spam locking targets to find those not tethered.


Tethering already causes way too much server load as it is and is a major contributor to lag and tidi.

Well I am not advocating for “removal of tethering” nor am I advocating for any major change that would increase the load, the server is already transmitting the tethered states to you for your client to render, this is simply changing how it is represented and allowing you to filter it better.

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Go ahead and advocate for removal of tethering. You would be justified.

+1 But only for the first filter: tethered

The other two are not needed or are nice to haves IMHO.

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