Text mode UI

During the free Omega event of 2022 I tried my hand at multiboxing. Ctrl-Shift-F9 (UI only mode) worked a treat on my old potato and Alt-Shift-Tab for cycling windows saved faffing about with 3rd party software and my screen isn’t big enough for preview windows anyway.

Anyway, got me thinking that most of the game could actually be played in a text mode interface like ncurses terminal apps, piloting using the overview, etc. Who’s keen for a text-mode game client/headless mode? You could probably even manage a 3D view using pure text as brackets are fixed sized. Smooth camera panning and sound might be a stretch for a terminal emulator, though.
Would be pretty cool to run EVE on a headless VPS in Europe over a terminal. Next best thing I can think of is passing the video feed through a text recognition filter, though inefficient, wouldn’t actually require any client modifications.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think part of the charm of EVE is it reminds me of playing BBS door games…
(For shits and giggles - unless you’re into it?)

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