Thanatos vs Nidhoggur

Hi !

I currently rat in chimera, just because i focking love Caldari.

But still, my ticks can’t go higher then 30M… Without bling fit and with Tech 1 fighters.

Alliance members tells me thanny, i read Niddhog on internet because of the velocity for faster application to effective DPS…

What do you think about those?

If your ticks are not higher than 30M, you are better off in a Rattlesnake. Same price or cheaper, more mobile and losing a drone or two is not nearly as costly or hard to replace. In a Rattlesnake in certain anoms or with some fitting modifications, you can get up to 38M ticks, on average something like 30-35.

I prefer Niddy. The faster speed is particularly handy when you want to recall your fighters in case of emergency or after you finished an anomaly as well as to send them to the spawn when you land in a new anomaly. I get 55-65M ticks with my Nidhoggur on average, sometimes as high as 72M and all that while not using a no-tank ratting hyperspatial fitting.

My rattlesnake ticks were about 25M and i couldnt tank all anoms. I used to ratt in VNI where i could reach 21M at highest. (I’m mostly industrialist, my skills are for fleet boosting)

I need to say that my carrier skills are low, i’ve started to rat in a carrier 1 month ago.
I only do Sanctum and havens.

72M / ticks seems a lot, i’m not sure any of my alliance mates that much… Only super caps. Nidd mates are more around 50M

Please excuse the tyro question, but what’s a ‘tick’ ?

Rewards of bounties every 20mins

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If you like Chimera, use Chimera I say. Not as efficient as either thanatos or nid, but there’s a lot to be said to using the ship you like rather than min/max everything. I use an archon for that reason. I have a nid also, and the fighter speed bonus is indeed useful…but I just like the archon. Some say I am silly - and perhaps they are correct - but I like it. Couple of drone navigation computers on it and kaplah.

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