Thank you for the new emoji selection window!

That is SO much better now, compared to being forced to press buttons!

I benefit as touchpad user and on mobile phone! Thank you!

Sorry, that’s all already! :blush:

If only it would work properly. For me, it is extremely laggy, it takes ages for them to load and the CPU usage of Firefox jumps from about 7-10% to 30% when the emoticons load. And every time I open that window, the emoticons load again from scratch… I don’t know how this is better than typing :gasp: … when you are typing already.

Same crappy performance on mobile as well. Worse even, in landscape mode I do not have a way to close the emoji window because if fills the entire screen. I have to turn the phone to portrait mode to turn the window back to partial screen fill. This is on a Lumia 920 with 5 inch screen.

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Having the option is important, especially for those who don’t know, or can’t figure out, where or how to find the respective codes to trigger them. Sometimes typing is also more cumbersome. vOv

I agree with the initial lag, but it should not happen again? At least not on the same device?

Hm. Interesting problem. Instead of loading each emoji seperately, I’d cheat and instead load small .png representing one line of emojis respectively.

O O O O 

One line of O O O O would be one image. Using javascript, it should be easy to determine the respective emoji when clicked, because it’s a simple grid. It adds work, though, because click-coordinates need to be mapped to its respective emoji. Still, it should reduce load both on the server and the client. Plus, unless I’m mistaken, these images should then be cached.

Sorry! I’m stalling work and want to think about other things. :blush:

@CCP_Avalon, do you mind if we bother you about this? It seems to me that his scenario could cause problems for people with slow connections, limited data rates, or maybe power consumption. What do you think?

PS: On my notebook, all the emojis are cached and loaded instantly. When I scroll, I can see them show up, but they do that quickly, in order and without any hiccups. Doesn’t even take a second. I can see now where your CPU spike is likely coming from. They all show up individually, one by one. :slight_smile:

Oh btw!

desktop mode, or mobile browser mode? Have you tried switching?

Mobile mode. Desktop mode is utter crap for the forum on a phone.

And the emojis load every time anew when I click the window. The ones in focus where I closed the window last are still there, but below/above that point everything keeps loading on every new window triggering.
I even tried scrolling through all of the list once to load every single picture. Then I closed the emoji window and opened it again. The only difference I noticed was that the reloading of the pictures was a bit faster.

People who don’t know how to trigger emojis? This is a virtually impossible thing on this forum/community. Not only does every single player here know how to type “:)”, typing “:” also triggers the emoji selection with the more button. :

I always use desktop mode in landscape. It’s the only way I think the mobile web is really usable. Mobile mode always, on every site i know, seems crippled.

Okay, so when the loading happens faster, they’re cached. That means your issue is that they all show up individually, one by one.

Well, I certainly do not know every code for every single one of them. It’s obviously not about those you know. It’s about those you don’t.