More Cons that Pros (at first look)

Pro; Channel drop down menu is more accessible which I’ve always looked at and thought that could be changed but doesn’t allow for as many channel tabs to be open.
I like how the new buttons stand out a bit more and the general look style of the new UI is nice
Con’s; When the people and places is at roughly its smallest window size (which is how I like to have it all the time) it doesn’t display as much of my saved locations. this makes the window less useful to me.
Character sheet when only displaying avatar has no close button and must be right clicked to give a close option.
Show information window when at roughly its smallest doesn’t display as much of its bottom text section as it used to. This just means more scrolling
When adding a new saved location and pressing “Okay” or a new “Add contact” the “Okay” and “Add contact” buttons take up more space than they need too, I feel they’re too big.
There are less color scheme options available in the General Settings Window Appearance section of the settings but I assume that more will come and this isn’t a huge issue.
Previous and Next arrow buttons on the “information” window are too small and too close to the “close” button and I feel that’s a bit of a risk when having a long series of different modules or implants that I’m skipping back and forth through as I do when comparing them on the market or what have you.

Just a first look at this, and I will continue to assess this new UI. I like it in general, but it could do with a few tweaks. I’m a fan of the feature previews idea as well, am loving this direction. I have never been on a test server but am keen on testing things in game and giving feedback, but my actions in tranquility are more meaningful than on a test server.

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