Thanks CCP for these long term improvements

Thank you devs for all the incremental changes you’ve made over the years to make the game better. It’s always great to come back to the game and find a long time pain point resolved. The changes that impacted me the most:

  • Skill Queue
  • Opening fitting window in space
  • Simulate Fit
  • Warp to 0
  • Shareable Overview
  • Time Dilation
  • Removal of Learning skills and 900k SP “Alpha” clones
  • Automatic dscan upon session change
  • Multibuy/Multisell
  • “Only show attributes that differ” in compare tool
  • Estimated Price column
  • Tracking camera
  • “Undocking without courier cargo” confirmation

Please share your favorite changes!


True, it’s nice that over the past 10 years and more they’ve made some decent QoL improvements. I can’t think of any standouts for myself atm but your list is good. I do definitely like the compare tool. Maybe contracting is better than it used to be? I don’t remember using it much prior to 4 or 5 years ago.

Anyway, yes, thank you CCP for QoL changes that actually apply to real players playing the real game! Keep up the good work!


I absolutely love the ‘pointer window’. Best feature ever introduced


But everyone was supposed to forget all of this that works nicely!


STOP IT! Stop complimenting them! Complain! Find a problem and complain till they fix it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is a wholesome thread, OP. I don’t have anything to add atm other than to agree with a lot of the things in your original list, but I will just note that along with all the nerfs and bugs we experience as everyday players for years and years now, there have indeed been SO many upgrades and improvements.

And I think you, as someone who’s left for a bit and then come back, probably notice them more than those of us kinda just grinding away day by day. It’s probably like the difference between binging a good TV/streaming show (nearly) all at once vs. having to wait week by week for the next episode… really makes you watch the show in a different way!

Thanks for your topic and yes, thanks to CCP for the epic changes that have been, on balance, good for the game and good for the players over the years!


The more recent PI changes for less clicks was nice.



Whoa…how long have you been gone?!

  • Free unlimited gank alts with skill injectors

Funny thing is the CSM proactively castrated the alpha accounts because they feared multiboxing gankers (it was even mentioned in the minutes) but they where ok with the same thing because the feature also benefited themselves.

Being able to dial in a system to system warp like they do in just about every space genre except Dune has been a great improvement to the game. Makes the game so much better and avoids ridiculous fatal funnels. Makes people actually have to hunt their prey too.

Then there was the target lock restrictions where too many ships locking onto one target caused degradation and break-lock. This made fleets actually have to operate like wings and squadrons instead of that boring baitball F1 robot crap. Remember how bad that was? Changing that mechanic was a good thing.

When they made pods indestructible that vastly improved the game as well. Putting an end to using the clone vat as a respawn point like this was “Call of Space Duty” or something and making losers have to slow-pod back to a station or POS to get another ship really made fleet engagements worthwhile where good tactics and quick DPS made for really intense battles. Sure they also ensures random implant damage for everybody losing a ship, which high sec missioners hated but that boosted implant sales and everybody got motivated to take a risk with implants instead of the sure loss of losing all of them.

Karmatic thread.

  • Industry.
  • Damage type icons (helps me switch ammo faster because I’m a dumb ass)
  • The overview is much MUCH better. More tabs. More settings. And overview sharing is an absolute god send. :pray:
  • Moon mining and reprocess changes.
  • Trade tax changes.

There’s probably more I’m enjoying but can’t remember…


Just found one:

  • Jumping to a jump clone without pausing skill queue
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Knew there were some I forgot, just used one now:

  • ‘Board my Corvette’ button in stations
  • Doubling up on the ‘pointer window’ feature WorstPilotEver mentioned. Great addition.
  • The way the Agents/Tasks windows update to show what needs to be done next
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Oh I never noticed this, nice.


Oh dear, so many tiny good things that I can’t start naming them, the skill trading using your characters with extractors/injectors was a great change, the improvements to highsec, although we have the EC nerf angering everyone, ccp still did great things to highsec, I hope they continue.

Love the thread


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