That Hole Over There [TH.OT] Small Gang WH/Null PVP

That Hole Over There [TH.OT] is now recruiting.

We’re looking for active players in US and EU timezones for wormhole and nullsec PVP. The core members of TH.OT are a reformation of the core members from Team Pizza along with a bunch of new friends we’ve met along the way. A large portion of our corp has been playing together in WH space since 2013 and we’re looking for new friends to join the family. We primarily focus on small gang PVP and live in a C2 C5/NS.

What we offer:

  • WH and Nullsec PVP with a focus on nanogang roams, BLOPS fleets, and WH hunting.
  • Experienced FCs and content creators
  • PVE opportunities and other ISK activities
  • Tight-knit community of friends
  • People to play other games with
  • Discord and corp forums

Minimum Requirements:

► Proactive players who are eager to PVP
► An Omega character with the ability to scan
► Willingness to train towards our fleet doctrines

Current KB: That Hole Over There
Legacy KB 1: Safeside Mechanics
Legacy KB 2: Team Pizza

Ingame channel: THOT Pub

Drop by our ingame public channel or our Discord and have a chat!

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment is still open.