(The) 20 Million Skillpoint Max For Alpha, Unrestricted, & Let Alpha Injectors Be For OmegaBloom Practice (hi, I'm here for a day)

Why in the Universe is there a fool’s cap on learning?

Like the seed of a tree, we grow gradually appreciative of our advancing standards. We arrive at an environment, invest ourselves personally in its immediacy, and realize our welcome if it exists. Where we feel rejected, we either surrender to our own extraction, or, traitorship forbid, … we resist being forced to grow blighted… to stand on the sidelines as our nemesi pervade.

Interest must be tolerated, even allowed … encouraged to grow fittingly personal, made safe and strong by comparison of its own accord… Why not 20 kk for all? Why not a holograghic battle simulator key just below the ‘undock’ key in station, where we may throw the impressions of our adversaries against our burgeoning capacity for resurgence insomuch as a modern simulation can?

Until the temporary advanced pass is useful for brevitous heated engagement, those more feeble among us shan’t stand confident, closing won doors prematurely.

Let Omega be Omega, and all Alpha skills shine as Alpha everywhere.

Put simply, why not allow all Alpha players access to all Alpha skills, with a (4 times 5 mil, or…) 20 million skillpoint cap before reaching the paid-‘Omega’-account mandate, to allow for a deep personal appreciation of the game’s potential? In terms of storyline, this might be the result of that notorious loosening of Empire hold on Capsuleers, and of the dwindling confidence of a number of skills merchants. Furthermore, those same merchants might willingly sell venturesome Capsuleers–whom oblige the completion of information-gathering and target support quests in nullsec–with daily Omega injectors, after which Omega status is rendered inert until it is reclaimed, either via a subsequent injection or an account Advancement purchase. In this way, the Empires may grow determined, even resurgent.

The courage of any person is always improved with successful demonstration, hence the handy ‘battlesimulator’. Armaments may be better understood, and module/ship selection decisive.

I am yet one happily-determined participant in New Eden’s ant farm. Long live the colony!

if you enjoy the game enough to train something like 2 years of skills than why not sub so they can pay the devs and run the servers? or in 2 years time you can also plex with isk easy enough so that someone pays the bill? you can have access to all of this but its to keep people from afk skilling legions of alts for free to 20m, omega it and extract all the sp to repeat, theres lots of materials and videos for weapons and ships, im making some myself if I can ever keep internet online because at the end of the work day the internet companies basically shut down and im stuck at home with nothing to do.

you can easily train up some of the low weapons and ships and play with those to see what weapon/ship you like most, or use all 3 of your character slots so you can have 1 rails and missiles, 1 lasers. and 1 projectiles.

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You already have that, for free. You are allowed to log on. If you like it, pay.

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There is no 20mil SP skill cap for alpha. They just have a limited set of available skills. But there is no SP cap.

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