The acc is no longer for sale

WTS Leviathan (Caldari Titan) Pilot

The acc is no longer for sale.

45 bill

Positive vallet
All CCP rule apply.

You can’t ask for transfer fee in plex, it’s always a cost on seller’s side.

Price reduction

40B ok?

what is lowest price now

45Bill bro

45 Bill


45B, sell it to me?

Okey Ich verkaufe es an dich für 45 B ISK

-Please transfer the money to the character to be sold.
-Please send me the information I need for the character transfer.
e.g. ACC Name

As soon as I have all the information and the ISK I will send you the ACC.

isk and mail send

u can start transfer now

I gave them the money back.
The acc is no longer for sale.

u r not saling to me?

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