The Agency & Cosmic Signatures

Not sure if this topic has been discussed but i have an issues with the current implementation of the function of Cosmic signatures is integrated withing the Agency, or should i say, ‘lack of integration’.

Although i still don’t agree that the agency displays where a cosmic signature is located,this is not the issue of this post.

The problem i see is as follows:

Once scanned, the signature that i have bookmarked in the ’ People & Places’ should show within the Agency tab under Cosmic Signatures. Furthermore, if i then copy the bookmark to Corp Bookmarks, any corp member login on should be able to see any already scanned and BM’s signatures in their Agency Tab.

The fact that after scanning the signature the agency still tells you its an ‘Unknown Cosmic Signature’ is actually now not true.


Surely this is how this system should work and be more integrated to the bookmark mechanic? Can anyone from CCP confirm that this is going to be the future design of this mechanic? Thanks.


Yeah, ever since The Agency update was released, multiple inconsistencies in it have been constantly reported to CCP.

I don’t think CCP considers that as a major issue and probably looks at it as part of their current ‘Chaos Era’ campaign.

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