The Ammatar Mandate

Hi guys, not a new player but a returning player after 2 years away from the game. Obviously I have been looking to find my stuff, like my Thanatos, and Orca and all the other good stuff. Well I found it, it’s in Derelik, which just happens to be totally owned by The Ammatar Mandate. My stuff is smack in the middle, and I don’t even know if I can dock there, so as I am 44 jumps away from Derelik, I’m trying to find out what the score is with them and whether or not I can make an attempt to dock there.

Anyone can dock at any NPC station.

It’s a nice, calm and friendly corner with many Highsec systems but quick links to Nullsec.

If you didn’t put your stuff in Derelik yourself. it’s likely it got there through asset safety when the outpost or structure they were in was destroyed or unanchored. If so, you’ll need to pay 15% of their value to get them back.

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