The Anarchist Army now recruiting! small wormhole corp NO Discord required great isk, PVP/PVE/MINING/HACKING

About us
The Anarchist Army has been around for about 10 years. We live in a C2 wormhole with a static HS and C3 connections. We share the wormhole with Nefarious Intentions. We have a safe base with defense platforms and personal, corporation, and ship service hangers, we are planning to upgrade to a station in the near future.

Looking for
All Capsuleers new and old, alpha and omega.

at least 1 mill skill points used.
proficient skills in flying at least a cruiser.
able to fly any type of tech 2 drones (recommended Gallente)
able to use any type of tech 2 weapons
(discord not required)

Fly with us today, to apply contact myself or Dedric strife or apply to the corporation on our info page