The Anomaly, Sleepers, & The Other

Just gave the thought regarding the level 4 Amarr mission a spin.

What if The Anomaly was essentially the first ship, and perhaps even the catalyst, for The Other? Here’s the theory: What if The Anomaly’s experimental engine brought it to where it wasn’t to be in, perhaps even to what would later become the drifter wormholes. The staff on the ship were scientists and engineers, which naturally leads to the possibility that they were augmented with implants to aid their research. If The Other was able to subvert their systems, it could have subverted their implants and caused the subsequent chaos, given its familiarity with human biology and life support one would expect from something that evolved from the sleepers.

If there’s a chance this is possible, and from the accounts of what The Anomaly’s crew experienced, then we can also take a guess at what The Other is: Hell unleashed, perhaps initially as a means of domination as inequalities grew in the sleeper’s virtual world turned on itself, to dominate by breaking their will, attacking at their own personal hells, until it was eventually turned upon itself to bring the greatest of fears to its masters, that they would lose control over it.

And it could have very well laid dormant to the outside world deep within space only known to the sleepers, until The Anomaly made contact. It turned upon them, and exposed the existence of New Eden, and its masters, to The Other. Whether you chose to give Fajah Aleshi control of The Anomaly to be turned into a pawn by The Other and unleashed onto New Eden, or chose to give him control over the rogue drone ship, where The Other could have have escaped its algorithmic conscience to, this may have paved the way for The Other to come in contact with the remnants of the Jovians so that it could bring hell upon them as well.

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