The Awoken jumpstarts Newbros and Vets!

Hey there guys. I’m Loki, humble recruiter for The Awoken.

We are reloading our guns. Meaning we are 100% dedicated to recruiting and training new players.

AWO has abundant recourses dedicated to achieving our goal…meaning…

Ships? We got you.
Newbro SRP? NBD!! :wink:
Content? Whelp fleets, Mining ops, Drunk roams, Thunder Dome, Training Classes and GATE CAMPS
Atmosphere? Chill in coms and make moronic jokes. Give each other ■■■■ and if you are me… get drunk.

This game is ridiculously complicated. Every MMO has that initial hump to get over and we will make your introduction to the game infinitely easier. That is literally all we care about right now.

This is a prime opportunity for vets who want to leave their mark on EVE as well. AWO is going places and your knowledge and skill will guarantee the rest of your fleet is razor sharp.

When everyone is trained up and confident we will make our move to a null sec alliance. This will not be rushed as we plan on being an absolute force to be reckoned with.

ONLY requirements are that:
You get on our discord (change nickname to in game name)
And you have a mic for coms.
Be 18 or older or mature enough to fool us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Look forward to meeting ya!

Can confirm this is a very good place to be, very very helpful for new players and old players alike

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