The Ballad of J162437

You cannot tell the story of J162437 without telling the story of Abraxcis Caine.

In the early days of Wormhole space Simple Capsuleer had found a wormhole entrance in Halaima wherein was gas he would farm to make ends meet. There was not much traffic in the wormhole, and as such his fellow corp mates decided that it would be a good opportunity to settle the system. It was a C3 Red Giant, the system name was J162437.

It was thought that with the extra ISK the wormhole provided it would help fund the Corp and enable them to provide more help to their players, as well as new players they would actively seek. The CEO was Abraxcis Caine and the 2IC was Stormy Rider.

Abraxcis Caine was known as a White Knight, an active anti-ganker who roamed space on his free time trying to stop griefing corporations from tormenting new players around Uedama, Halaima, and Ikao. He was a selfless person. If he was not Jamming up gankers on his alt as they attempted a gank on a space trucker, he was out meeting and helping new players. Traversing the systems of New Eden warning those of the dangers they faced and providing help and assistance, he and his friends provided a safe haven and offering ISK stability with mining. His goal was to help new players survive the learning curve long enough to become a functioning member of the community.

He was well respected, and never turned down a fair 1v1.
In late 2015 he began having health problems, having a heart attack in 2016. He returned to the game 8 months later, but only a few months later he abruptly stopped logging in to both Eve and social media. As time passed the realization started to set in. The remaining members of the corporation sort to try to preserve it, but without the CEO it gradually faded to a shadow of what it once was.

Old friends of Abraxcis, an Indy corp, stepped in to take care of the wormhole holdings, now two Fortizars strong. They worked towards the same goals as Abraxcis, trying to match his initiative and charisma. They persevered to maintain the holdings, should Abraxcis return. One can always hope.

In wormhole space, nothing lasts forever. The tides of time came for the assets in the wormhole, and the indy corp did all they could to defend, even taking the desperate approach of hiring mercenaries. The structures fell to greed and malevolence on part of the mercenaries, and all that was left of Abraxcis’s legacy was destroyed or stolen.

It would be simple to let such a loss dishearten, but we have taken our inspiration from the best. We will rebuild, we will become stronger, and when called to fight, we will answer.
We will do it for him.

In Honor of Abraxcis Caine, This story should be told. R.I.P.

-Simple Capsuleer


Firstly, 07 to the late CEO of the Corp. RIP and I wish all the best to those that knew him.

Secondly, HTFU.

Is this the end? Or the beginning of an epic revenge saga?

Guess thats up to you.

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Very sorry for your loss.

I give that a like because we don’t have enough stories being told.


There’s no one here to make or tell. It’s all CCP content now,

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