The Biggest Heist In The History of New Eden

I was watching this FanFest video from 2013, yes nearly five years ago. The speaker talks about Blah Blah Blah and then at 11:45 in the video the speaker talks about the ‘eye opening heists’ and how ‘they’ were looking to bigger things or “Thinking Bigger.”

The speaker also talked about espionage and counter operations at the beginning of the video.

Citadels are in place across the Universe so how would the next bigger heist take place?

Goonswarm having controlled a lot of the western regions of New Eden at one time or another and then giving up that territory through losing or purposely allowing themselves to be defeated have in their own dialect, ‘infected’ most of the western regions with their influence.

Influence that comes in the form of Goonswarm members being ‘disgruntled’ and leaving Goons to join other alliances such as Test, NC, PL and the like. Old members of Goons would also create new accounts and then train back up to a level they were at with their Goon account thus further hiding their counter-alliance operations. Operations that would include becoming Citadel managers.

Once in place the Goon members in charge of the Citadels would take the Citadel down based on the alliances rights given to them to move the Citadel around without being questioned. Once the Citadel had been taken down it is scooped up and ferried off to Goonspace where it is sold on the market, most of the time the buyer being the one who had just lost the Citadel, to put hundreds of billions of ISK into the pockets of Goonswarm.

Granted this type of operation would not take place at once because it would signal something was happening across New Eden causing a systematic crash of most small alliances and the fracturing of larger alliances that would draw attention to the massive off lining of Citadels. But then again in Goonswarm fashion that could be part of the “Greater and Bigger Things” that the speaker in the video spoke of.

Without anyone really knowing that Goonswarm Spy and Citadel Capturing Network even existed that the heist would only look like a massive off lining and moving of Citadels as coincidence while the freighters moved their Citadels back to main Goonswarm Tree.

The second tactic that would be involved would be former Goons and their Alpha Clones or New Made Phantom Goon Accounts would begin AWOXING members in their alliances at pre-determined times. Small groups of Goons within each non-Goon alliance would be put in charge of groups or fleets where the Goon would win the infection of his or her fellow fleet mates. The Goon would then slowly feed her or his fleet members with bad honey or dissent of how the alliance was being handled hoping to create a bubble of influence around the fleet members that the Goon could take with them wherever the Goon went much like a Command Destroyer using a Micro Jump Field Generator to pull a fleet of ships away from the defenses of a station or to take a bite out of the honey comb of the fleet itself.

With the dissent well in place the Goon Spy and AWOXER then instructs his ‘infected’ fleet to attack the alliance fleet thus destroying the fleet and allowing Goon Regulars to move into an area. The Goon Spy would also use tactics of jumping corporations giving the reason of not liking the corporation as the reason for leaving.

The Goonwarm would move through corporations and alliances with their regular soldiers who would jump in and out of corporations very rapidly, maybe every 30 days or so with their higher level operatives joining and then leaving at greater intervals such as three months to six months with the top level spies staying around a year to gather as much intelligence on the corporation or alliance as possible from within. This is called Gooning a corporation. Once an attack on a corporation had been determined the Goons would AWOX and Slip the Citi (Citadel) into their freighters and fly off with as a buzzing throng.

But how does this affect the entirety of New Eden?

Like the speaker said ‘they’ were moving onto bigger things. So how is the heist of the entirety of Null Sector by Goonswarm not the biggest and greatest heist of New Eden?

Goonswarm comes into power and control in small and great amounts, just like a regular bee hive flourishes and then becomes stagnant for some time to then flourish once again in new clover fields.

The clover fields in New Eden being all of Null Sector.

Of course this tactic could be used by any Null Sector Alliance, except CODE of course, with the same frightening result and Goonswarm was just used a name holder for an associative factor.


Hey hey now…weren’t you planning a takedown of PL not too long ago?

I have no idea what I just read.

It’s getting to the point where I can spot a Dryson post in the wild without having to look at the usernames.


Complete and utter ignorance (bordering on willingly walking out of an airlock without a suit) of the fact that someone has already Thought Bigger and single-handedly dismantled a large Nullbloc.

Dryson should only be allowed to write in the roleplaying forum if you ask me.

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I thought I had stumbled in there for a sec as I was reading whatever that was at the top of the thread.

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High Sector Bears making comments on Null Sector tactics is really as moot as CODE having the brains to perform anything other than safety helmet and safety vest related blobs.

CODE. should be given their own ship skins that are bright yellow and grey reflective striped so we don’t run over them.

Kannibal Kane should be given a three foot long orange colored safety light to lead his sheep with as well.


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