Information regarding New Eden Trading Company

As also posted on reddit and for general information to those using NETC structures:

Things be changing and coming to an end with the entity NETC. Over the past year NETC attempted to establish a network of citadels and trade routes. With the recent changes to citadels and staff turnover the decentralized structure NETC ran is not as viable as a year ago.

Therefor the decision has been made by those involved, including myself, to transfer a larger responsibility to the group of people that has been doing the logistics and defense of the network.

This basically means that citadels will be handed over to Ghost Legion., who has the goal or run it in the same way as they currently do for the Maila freeport. NETC will be put into hibernation once all assets have been transferred.

The schedule for transferring citadels will begin shortly for Fortizar’s, and the Aunenen Keepstar will be transferred sometime mid- to late March so those that have the wish to move assets have some time to do so.


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