The Blood-Stained Stars Epic Arc in a Jackdaw? 🪙

Just ran it with a t2 fitted jackdaw (AB,LML): 221 minutes in total from accepting the first to handing in the last mission. No boosters, no implants, no blitzing. That total time even includes a storyline mission I did on the side (2 jumps on the side, to be exact), and which I forgot to write down the start/end times for.

And Dagan ? He’s a wuss. He didn’t even fire a shot. He had his usual resist flaw, depending on who you work for (in my case explosive, trying to be nice nice with those silly Minmatar who are always on my case).

Certainly not claiming any kind of record, but 221 minutes for 52 missions is not bad, especially with the long travel times.


Not bad at all :purple_heart:

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