The Blorpers - Recruiting NOW! , Must think goats are cool and be ok with a swearing Aussie CEO

The Blorpers is a new corp established by myself, a returning eve player that’s coming back from a long hiatus. My old corp was gone but my wallet remained, so time to start a new corp!

Noob friendly corp, currently we’re very small and looking to expand. Welcome to new pilots, returning pilots and experienced pilots alike.

Our main focus’ currently are PvE, Wormhole Exploration and Industry/Mining, but we hope to expand into more as time goes on and we establish ourselves. We mainly operate around the Sinq and surrounding regions.

Anyway you’re all smart enough to hit me up and take some initiative rather than need me to prattle on forever, if ur curious hit us up in game Ticker BL0RP (with a zero) and get in on a new corp at the ground level with people that just wanna be friends and work together and like goats and stuff. Or Discord if it suits your fancy, in the Blorpers section HERE

oh ye we also give out free ships, have a ship replacement program, tax return schemes blah blah.

Safe flying guys, I cbf typing out an ad that treats you like consumers too be marketed a product to, lets just make a rad corp together so just come have a nose and a chat.

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He’s not wrong. He definitely is that guy.

He did forget to tell you you’re also cool if you like crows though, so I will. If you like crows, annoy him. You can hang with us.

How did I forget about those feathery champs

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I have no idea, especially given my ship is named after them. It’s just rude is what it is.

Swearing AT me or just swearing in general?

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Generally in general unless you give me cause to :wink:

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I give him cause to swear at me all the time. It’s how I ended up second in command - this was punishment for annoyance.

shoutouts to the new members good to have you :wink:

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