The Case For Strat Cruisers in Abyss

(Fluffy Moe) #41

You’re the moron and suffering from L2 read issues, I did say it was something like 5 starving leshaks and vedmaks or something like that, i forgot the exact comp, which holds true. Full neut spawns are random comp and as I was trying pretty frantically to save my ship and pod I didn’t exactly have the time or the inclination to hit record or think about taking screenshots.

Again just latching onto a few words within a sentence instead of being able to comprehend content. There are some classes offered at your local grade school wherever that may be that you need to take. Starting with basic reading comprehension.

(Ildrara) #42

Kinda like you do? You continue to ignore facts. Properly fit ships have no problem in the Abyss. You keep assuming I am overheating modules or some stupid gimmick. I fly in and kill ■■■■. That is it. No super special secret. I just win because I wasn’t so stupid as to fit a ship badly.

My ships can ignore neuting in the Abyss because I build for the worst. I don’t build stupid fits that have a flaw that is easily exploited. This is what I was trying to pass on to you.

You keep using your ■■■■ fit ships and losing them to “deathspawns” that only exist if you’re stupid and i’ll continue to use ships specifically fit to survive all outcomes.

(Anderson Geten) #43

You say it was lesh+veds
If you forgot the comp, why you even say it was lesh+veds ? well because you affirm it’s lesh+veds, just not sure about the number.

There was something that got you, we get it. Now just because you were not prepared for this, does not mean every other people is not.
Just for information, I don’t do abyss, Just did enough F3 for the event (and did more on sisi before they went live to help friends crashtest builds). So I’m not affirming that the wave you told about does not exist, I affirm that the way you expressed it deserves the answers you got.

Now you just go all aggressive because someone said you are wrong.
Chill, it’s not the end of the world. You are just bad at using blaster and AC. Consider his as an opportunity to learn something.

(techzer0) #44

Can verify there are no Leshak/Vedmak comps. Anyone experienced in the Abyss would not make that mistake.

(Sboycole) #45

there actually are shak and ved, just not not something you usually come across, i think in over 500 sites i’ve seen 20-25 of them

(techzer0) #46

No such thing as shak or ved.
If you are referring to the Leshak and the Vedmak they don’t spawn together.
Over 500 T4-5 filaments completed and not a single composition containing those two types of ships together.

(Dread Saboteur) #47

Leshaks do not spawn with vedmaks or damaviks it’s leshaks plus a couple tiny drones or vedmaks plus damaviks which varies more in number of tiny drones and damaviks number sometimes you get just a big swarm of damaviks and no vedmaks but it’s still considered by system as “the vedmak dps spawn”

(Arthur Aihaken) #48

Don’t most T3C other than the Loki suck though? Wouldn’t we have to make T3C not suck first?