The ccp ceo

hello, ccp has had the same for CEO for 20 years. does anyone know what he does to stay sharp and keep his company and the games ahead of the curve? i imagine doing the same thing for 20 years dumbs you down unless you find new challenges outside of that but i could be wrong.

I mean, i don’t think hilmar actually does anything with regards to the day to day stuff

A CEO generally just deals with running the company, he has other people in other departments who actually do things like game design


Hilmar is no longer really CEO.

He sold CCP to Pearl Abyss, and is simply sitting on his pile of cash, and watching the ship sink.

He does not really need to care anymore.

And nor should we.


He still harms the EVE IP whenever possible. That’s all he does these days. Whenever he has a public appearance, he either lies about EVE, distorts facts about EVE or misrepresents EVE.


So? Warren Buffet became the longest reigning CEOs in the S&P 500 with 51 years under his belt.

You’re saying Mr. Buffet is dumb?

Although you can learn at work, it is mainly a place ( or places ) where you apply what you’ve learned elsewhere. Unless you’re saying that someone who never worked in a law library isn’t a lawyer, which would be false FYI.

Let’s hear your recipe for success then.

Just do the opposite of what CCP has done since around 2011

So you want to abolish the Alpha Account opportunity for new players.
That’s brilliant. Got any more ideas like that one?

What is your point? The Alpha/Omega approach is literally terrible. New players run away screaming when they see “IF YOU PAY US MONEY YOU CAN DOUBLE THE SKILL TRAINING SPEED AND YOU HAVE TO PAY US MONEY TO TRAIN THIS SKILL AND FLY THIS SHIP AS WELL” people nope the ■■■■ out and an old player is never going to be like “ok im just gonna continue playing as an alpha clone” and you can clearly see it. The system doesent work for new players or old players. It was released in November 2016, and player count took a big jump. But within 6 months there was already less players than before

It’s not like you’re going to tell Mr.Pétursson what to do and you’re not a member of the board of directors so your thread is pointless and presumptuous.

Hey it’s your thread, I thought you had one.

But its your comment

So instead you want people to pay to even play the game, pay to train at all, pay to use ANY ship? Because that’s what was in place before.


At this point the game doesent have the kind of goodwill it had in 2009, so turning it into subscription only will not really work by itself. Instead they should go full free to play, but services like name changes, remapping, should cost PLEX and they will make their money that way. Could also figure out where the pain points come up in the server infrastructure, is it with 20,000 people online, 10,000? and then implement a LOGIN QUEUE for people who had never purchased PLEX with IRL money when the online player count reaches that number :slight_smile: That will show them. But who is going to make this decision? It is not without risk, but who is going to take that risk? Not the current CEO, hes been there for 20 years, he aint going to change a thing. As it stands by the time the company is bankrupt he can retire anyway!!!LWLKdslgkhsdg

Well the servers did fine at 60k…so no need to have a Login Queue at this point, why even bring it up? It’s number of people in a system fighting that is the stress point, not number of players logged in.

But back to your point. The addition of a free to play model ruined the game in your opinion, so you want to double down on it and make it entirely free aside from services that hardly get used. So how is the game going to make money to keep the lights on? How is it going to pay the devs to keep adding new content? How is the game going to pay for anti-botting and EULA/TOS enforcement? How is the game going to pay for marketing to increase their player base?

This post smacks of ignorance of OP… The CEO of a gaming company doesn’t actually code/design things lol… That would be the developers/graphic designers/IT personal.

This is a troll thread. Don’t fall for what OP wants guys.

I don’t want to hear the crying of some ancient player that was here during the first days. You have no more social credit than any of us here. Go play the 2023 version of EVE and attempt to have fun/make friends like the vast majority of people.

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Lets be honest the current model is not free to play. Its literlaly not free to play. You are capped at 5M sp, and is not even allowed to use a T2 afterburner :slight_smile: Thats not free to play. Thats a trial version and gamers hate them

That doesn’t answer how is the game going to pay for itself. I never claimed that the game is free to play. It’s a subscription game, always has been.

??? You said:

The addition of a free to play model ruined the game in your opinion, so you want to double down on it

The Alpha/Omega system is not a free to play model

YOU are the one who wants it…so answer the questions, how is the game going to pay for itself?

How do every other free to play game pay for itself? And given the consistant decline in online payers since this model was introduced: HOW IS THE GAME GOING TO PAY FOR ITSELF WITH THE CURRENT MODEL?

Not with this. You would have to add in predatory “micro” transactions. You would see EVE Echoes enchantment system or AI personalities get added, the addition of premium ships like in World of Warships/Tanks. More lootboxes and battlepasses, evermarks would become buyable. Free to play games are often riddled with bad faith, money grubbing marketing. I would prefer EVE Online’s business model remain as is than to see it go full free to play. The population has been remaining stable and will go up again when summer is over, as it always does.

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