The CODE Troll

You heard it here first folks, you can afk mine all day in CODE space.

A much more effective way to shut down CODE is to simply not play Eve. Cancel all your accounts (my last one runs out in something like 18 hours). Eventually, we can pray that CCP goes bankrupt, or better, recognizes that walking hand in hand with the RMT cartels and catering to the sociopaths in the game like CODE was a bad idea, and reverses the course.

The player base, especially in high sec, has been shrinking for years, as a response to CCP climbing into bed with the groups mentioned above. Will CCP ever recognize the idiocy of their actions? Doubtful.

But if all high sec players not interested in griefing quit the game, CCP may finally see the light. We can only hope.

Oh, and all the RMT cartel forum propagandists, go ahead and flag my post to your ISD cohorts. Like I said, my account has hours left of activity.


Wouldn’t it be more fun to team up with a friend and a fly a hulk/logi combo? CODE can give you content if you want exciting high sec content.

Do it enough times and you’ll be name tanked like me (after two Abaddon troll blocks) and you afk mine all day for the rest of your life without logi support!

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I’m starting to think you don’t have the answers I seek.

It’s really hard to help you with your misconceptions if you’re not willing to actually engage me, bro.

Hey, would you mind naming the agents who you claim to have played with recently? I just want to speak with them about it.

That’s not a problem, right?

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Well I just made a video to show people how to haul in low sec with a t1 hauler, so I’ll make one soon with my friend flying a handout abaddon on my one of my alt miners (so you don’t recognize my names) and bait you hard. Ok?

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Why are you dodging the question?

Wait, you’re not claiming to have bested Agents of the New Order then refusing to give their names, are you?

That’s what carebears do, man!

Lol, how many times have I seen that in local, “I’m mining right now!! And you can’t stop me!!” just to find them docked up a minute later.

You still have not answered what system you did your “baiting” in, who the Agent was and how many Catalysts he had to kill your Procurer.




Donations from dimwits actually…

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Yeahhh, roleplayers pretend to be actual spaceship pilots and try their best never to acknowledge the fact that they’re actually playing a videogame. They also have like, ~lore reasons~ as their motivations for doing things.
The New Order doesn’t do these things, so it’s just definitionally not a roleplay organization. I’d be fine with it if it was, I like roleplay and roleplayers, but that’s just not the case.

Hope this helps.

Still man, it’s got to be about the least lucrative activity in the game. You really think I do this all for ISK, huh?


Ganking mining ships is certainly not going to make ISK unless they have a rush of blood to the head and fit something they shouldn’t. Donations are actually quite a bit of ISK, but I agree, you do not do this for the ISK.

Nobody posts in this thread for ISK:grinning:

So what pidgeon-holing oversimplification do you subscribe to, Drac?


That you are playing a game, and you cook live gerbils in the microwave for fun, just kidding about the last part…

This is, by no means, a haiku.
This is just a post.
That is all, now please go on.

Which is what you do.

Forum is full of you LARPing it up.


Putting aside your obviously fallacious assertion that anyone who pretends anything is a roleplayer, I’ll bite. What do I pretend? Include a quote, if you could.

Your overall reply log almost gave me cancer.
Makes me wonder what you get out of posting like you do.
Fortunately I have a high resistance due to dealing with ■■■■■■■■ like this for a long time.