The Corruption of the Sani Faith

Throwing stuff at each other can be quite fun. I enjoy the debate and the nuance of the practicioners.

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Valerie, there was a homicide that happened two weeks ago here. Despite having two witnesses, and physical evidence including the weapon used, the police are still not sure what happened. Of course, there is someone in custody, but his statement about what happened is not being taken at face value.

The Caldari-Gallente War happened recently enough to be in living memory, yet if my wife and I sat down to hash out what happened, we could not arrive on a detailed set of facts. She learned the Caldari history; I learned the Gallente one. Both of them . . . are.

You believe in your history. I have no problem with you believing that. However, at this point, understand that I view ancient history like that as faith, not science. You have a puzzle and pieces are missing, never to be found and placed.

Understand, there is no standard of evidence that would change my views on this. The standard of proof I require is unobtainable.

Now, hypothetically, if we made a time machine and went back to the founding of the Sani Sabik faith on Amarr (after a brief stop to give myself some stock reports) and asked the mythical founder of my faith their views to be told that of course they were all about that human sacrifice, I would be sad. I would say to them that while they were certainly wrong, they planted the seed of something that will grow into something wonderful. I would express my regret that it would take so long for that seed to be moved out of the toxicity that is the Amarr Empire into a place it can grow into the beauty it could have been.

Now, if you have a time machine, Valerie, let’s go on a trip. Otherwise, I’m going to keep looking for objective truth in mathematics and enjoy my legends and myths in history.

Silas, you are much too Amarrian in your mindset. You’re too extreme in your practices and beliefs for me to be comfortable. However, I still respect you. You have panache, élan, a je ne sais quoi.

This might be an apocalypse to the Amarrian mindset, talking faith in public. Even other Sanists might be upset. I’m spoiling the secrets, or something, but I’m Gallente. I will always be. Talking faith in public isn’t anything new to us. There’s no orthodoxy, no scripture about being uniform. We celebrate our differences. “Oh, you dance naked in the moonlight and have orgies in your faith? Tell me more,” is a line I have uttered. I even bugged my wife to tell me a bit more about Wayism, which she insists that I cannot practice since I’m not Caldari. (That’s an argument I am not willing to have yet.)

I’m all for letting the cluster see my faith.

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Alrighty then.