The Currently proposed mechanics concerning Mutaplasmids are a bad idea

Think about whats important to a warp disruptor? Range and nothing but range. you can double it’s fitting requirements and it won’t matter to a battleship, as long as you double it’s range. You fit that in an Arazu and you get 100 km warp disruption range. That’s what you’re suggesting - every body gets a 100km range arazu

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how can I give a double like on that chummy post of yours ?

I never suggested it was good or bad, the post you replied to was just a screen cap of what will be moddable, and my previous post just says I’m waiting for numbers. There’s the question of rarity, and chance, that we won’t know for a while. I have no idea what the odds are that you get a better than current faction point. I’m sure they will exist, but if they cost billions of isk how many people will actually use one? And what kind of excitement would other players get looting one? If they only cost 200-300mil or so then yea that might be a problem.

As for warp disruptions there are some fits where fitting costs or cap use are also important, it’s why the caldari navy point sells well. The Chessur retribution fits one for example. It also used to be cheap compared to the other long points, but between caldari going t5 spiking tag prices and the chessur fit the price has spiked.

For what we have now, a heated True Sansha (or similar) long point with command ship level skirmish boosts gets 79km up to 93km with heat, and that’s with on grid links, looking at EFT that’s slightly nerfed from when we had off grid links. That’s pretty close to 100km, so a slightly improved roll could hit 100km.

As for rarity there was one Tobi point sold for ~20bil in jita, and there are currently buy orders for 11bil, with lower tier officer points from 3-6bil on buy orders, with none on sell orders. a 40km+ easy to fit point would be nuts. would be able to get 106-124km with links

That said the hardcore CCP of old is gone, the new CCP doesn’t seem to mind inflation or power creep. so we’ll see what happens I guess.


I welcme our new power creep overlords.

I’m not so sure. Just imagine fitting armor plates or shield extenders that give 40-50% extra HP on a super or titan. These things take a huge amount of time to down currently and are a reason a lot of people got turned off from NS (in some part myself included). The main problem is that it slows down gameplay which is already too slow.

Add to that a mutated rep or 2 and it will be really bad. Speaking of reps, they did not specifically mention if anciliaries will be able to be mutated, perhaps for faster reload time or provide even more rep power. Can you imagine an anciliary armor rep with all the bonusses on a hull that gives a rep bonus + some rep rigs that is now 40% ish more effective on a ship with extra 30-40% EHP ? LOL, I mean just LOL, it will get to silly proportions.

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I just want to mutate/brick my Large Micro Jump Drive to 50km.

Ah sorry - that was at the OP - Shipwreck Jones - if we get to distribute the points , and remove points from some attributes at will to add to others(or in other words min/max) that would be too powerful. Think of 90% webs that have 2 powergrid instead of 1… on a vindicator … Anyway I am all for randomness - it will be a bit of a sink as well I think - just statistically you get 50% of your modules as trash.

All I know is that the rarer these mutators are, the more they’re going to simply be out of the range of we mere mortals. These will be tightly controlled by null players to the point they will be cost prohibitive for the rest of us (if they even hit the market, that is).

The rest of us should just consign ourselves to slight modifications with T2 or possibly Faction modules using only the most common mutators.

Personally I agree with the OP.

These Mutaplasmids are essentially based on Invention. The success or failure should definitely be based on character skill level. The stats of the item should be based on outside factors used in the invention process, such as the quality of the materials and base items.

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If I want a totally random game I would play slot machines, Eve is suppose to be a skill based game, where the more training you do the better you get.

Think these new Mutaplasmids are a bad idea with out some skill to train.


No knowledge and friends are the biggest strengths in eve if say you fly a t3 I tackle you with a badly fit alpha slasher for 15 sec while my fleet lands and secures your death what good were your skills?

Eve’s great advantage in terms of bling gear is when you lose it it’s gone you don’t respawn with those mods

What about a skill also: that improves your understanding of mutaplasmid biotech and scales your chances of getting good rolls or reduces the range of potential bad rolls per skill level?


Well they did say they want to expand on abysal stuff so maybe it’ll be a thing I personally justm wanted to be able to roll on same module base since plasmids will only apparently drop like 2-3 in a site

This whole mutaplasmid thing is basically you taking a part from your ship, putting it on your work bench and tweaking the innards trying to make it better without knowing what youre doing. Its a new aspect of the game. I dont think its going to have as big of an impact as people say it will. Yea you can get an uber mwd, uber resist mod. But theres going to always be somebody thdt can out turn you in their ship and break tackle/close in on you. Somebody to drop on your 65% enam/triple rep brutix with a neut domi. Somebody paying billions for these mods but being so loss adverse theyll never use them so they sit in the inventory. Balance will find a way.

And that analogy comes from me trying to supe up three or four push mowers to run better when I was 12 or 13 instead of just sharpening the blade and changing the oil.

Having applicable skills and choices to affect your results would be more meaningful. I’d agree with that. Random chance is a pretty terrible mechanic

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RNG is a cancer and should not be allowed in EvE

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Except it’s already present.

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Here’s the thing that isn’t being seen a lot yet . . . the “uber” results, the ones everyone will want, are going to be nearly impossible to find. These mods won’t be in the market, they’ll be in contracts. Imagine how many crap contracts are going to crop up because of this . . . and to find that one good contract will be an exercise in frustration.

I’m not saying that’s good or bad, in my opinion it’s probably a good thing. While it will be possible to sell these uber mods, I think player to player sales of actual mutated mods will be less common than the sale of the Mutaplasmids themselves.

It then becomes a question of how many times someone wants to mutate that same T2 MWD to get the uber roll they want. I just don’t think this will be as big as some folks are concerned it will be. It will be big, but not huge.

I think a part of the ppl will simply look for small improvements. You have some fits that might be able to save a slot if some items require a bit less CPU/PG or you need a recharger less to get cap stable. Other fits wil simply improve slightly with upgraded items.

You are missing the point

CCP or Crowd Control Productions is a psyop to test how much you can take before you hit that uninstall button (true story)