The Currently proposed mechanics concerning Mutaplasmids are a bad idea

Funny how they live up to their name.

Everything goes to ■■■■ throw excuses

Well, I’ve done nearly a couple hundred “mutations” over the last couple of weeks and I have to say that I am highly disappointed in the process.
I’ve tried meta-4s, T2s and faction mods, using all 3 types of mutaplasmids (decayed, gravid and unstable) and the results have been pathetic.
Absolute garbage is more like it. I’ve thrown probably 65-70% of the mutated mods straight into a recycling can. Another 30(+) % are in another can as they may have a slightly better attribute than the original and the penalties aren’t severe enough to throw the thing away, but it’s nowhere near “blingy” enough to get excited about.

In fact, of all the neuts, nos’s, shield boosters, ABs and MWDs I’ve mutated and the billions spent, I’ve ended up with exactly ONE mod (a 5mn MWD) that I actually think is decent enough to be saved for a special fitting.

For the most part, any tiny gain on one attribute is usually offset by much larger penalties on the other attributes.

And it happens like that so often I have a real hard time believing it is “random” at all. In fact, I suspect that the odds of being able to “randomly” create a decent module are probably worse than finding an officer spawn in hisec. For most of the average, everyday players that is.
Which also leads me to believe that it wouldn’t be hard for someone to modify those odds in order to ensure that some mutations come out far better than others.

There should actually be 2 skills to go with Mutaplasmids. One skill (i.e. “Mutations”) that boosts the odds of a better result and another skill (i.e. Trivlagian Encryption Methods) that would improve those odds.
Similar to how Weapons Upgrades reduces the CPU requirements of Turrets and Launchers while Advanced Weapon Upgrades reduces the PG needs of those mods.
Amarr Starship Engineering grants a bonus to manufacturing speed of Amarr items and increases the chances of a successful Invention while Amarr Encryption Methods also increase the chances of a successful Invention.

Obviously the game doesn’t want to be flooded with OP Abyssal mods but I don’t think they want them to be such a huge disappointment either. Unless of course the idea was to create a massive ISK sink in exchange for a lot of crap that will either end up cluttering up the database while rusting away in stations, or simple get reprocessed into minerals (for some people).

I’ve already soured on the “mutation” idea and probably won’t be spending any more isk (or mods) on mutations that I know are going to fail before I even click on a mutaplasmid.

This is a bit of a false argument because every time that you die, there is probably something you could have done differently to survive (“Oh, I should have scouted that gate/checked the route, I should have trained my skills to X level so I could have engaged them with my drones, I should have fit my ship differently etc”) but with a mutaplasmid roll all you do is drag an item into a box, click a button, and hope that you get good RNG.

Not the same thing.

If you want to have an additional web str, then you must accept to have disgusting high CPU, cap requirement, and low range.
Just assuming the probability to have “good” stat on one attribute is 50% (and its lower than that even for “correct” for most), that means to have a “good” module you have 1/(222*2) = 1/16. which means a “good” item costs at least as much 16 times the price of a normal item + mutaplasmid cost.
Actually this is even worse than that, for some items some attributes have <10% chance to be “not bad” (ie not worse than base module), while increasing the interesting attribute has like 1/20 chance , ie to have an INCREASE through mutation you have something like 200 times the cost of the base item.

somebody corrects me, but to the small number of mutations I made it looks like the attribute spread is not homogeneous, which means attributes that have a “average” negative gain (web cpu), the chance to get “positive” gain is very low ,
ie if range is -10…+5% (average -2.5) , the probability to have “correct” (ie >0) would be (5-0)/(5- -10) = 1/3 with homogeneous ;
but with another distribution, the spread is more centered on the “average” thus the probability of having high values is much lower.

It is a choice and considering your objection is it also meaningful. You can choose not to get into it at all. Not everyone likes everything and as such does not everyone like a gamble. It doesn’t mean one’s personal preference gives grounds to remove it from the game. And it shouldn’t, because we are all different and the game supports different people by having a rich and diverse set of mechanics.

Then take insurances for example. Their daily business although very serious is a gamble, and we do heavily rely on insurances in our lives. You will need to rely on players who can assess the risk properly and provide you with a service just like insurances do, or you will have to take on the role of an insurance and develop your own risk model. When you do it right will you know how much something will cost and that anyone going under your calculations will make a loss. Hence you’ll be able to carve out a market for yourself when you do it right. And from the looks of it will it be the most profitable module market in EVE and you’ll be making trades with capital pilots, who have huge pockets.

If that’s not meaningful to you then you’re only not ready for such a commitment. Others are and they’ll profit, with or without you, and that’s what EVE has always been about.

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