The death of EvE

We all know EVE is a PVP focused game, we also know that we need industrialists to keep the PVP element afloat. Without either the game dies, pretty obvious.

From where I stand, the PVP element is pretty much dead. Why? Not because of the industrialist but because of all the blue donuts and rental space.

How do we stop rental space? I have no idea, but it needs to be stopped somehow. Bottom line is this, If you own the space you use it yourself not rent it out!

How do we get rid of blue donuts? again, I have no idea, but it also needs to be looked at in a big way, this would more likely have to fall to the responsibility of the alliances/coalitions involved to limit the donuts, but 30 jumps for the hope of finding content is not fun in anyone’s eyes.

Most likely will get plenty of hate responses from those who rent out space or those involved in blue donuts, I really don’t care for those unless they are constructive arguments as to why rental space and blue donuts should remain in EVE or how and why CCP could/should stop both of these.

Blue donut has been dead for ages.

Since the destruction of CO2 there’s a bit of a change in the south that might end up with many blues across the map, but it’s not there yet.

What blue donut specifically are you concerned about?

I paid EVE for a whole year last January. I have played well under 100 hours. First EVE character I created at 2004. I still like the lore and universe of EVE Online very much, but the actual game is in horrible state. It is very boring. Most of the content has been ‘too old to fix’ since Trinity was launched such as missions.

I think that best would be to kill EVE Online and start again. The EVE 2.0 Online with fresh ideas would be the right choice.

There are too many fundamental issues in EVE Online that cannot be changed since it would take too long. Such as mechanics of mission system, content of mission system.

One issue is the simplified physics which cannot be changed in this current form. We are stuck in submarine simulator. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to buy CH Fighterstick to control a space ship. Mouse and keyboard is enough for a space game, but we should have more realistic and complex physics. With warping and hyperdrives of course since it’s scifi after all :slight_smile:

I believe in creative destruction as a development method and therefore I vote for pulling the plug from current EVE “1.0” Online.


The status of Chinese server is a living example of what looks like a “dying” eve:
Too much bots to the degree that nobody cares, too much money and too little war. Homogeneous culture and timezone had contributed to the ease of achieving universal blue donut.

Still, blue donuts aren’t blue donuts forever. It is like a drying pool of crocodiles, everytime they got hungry enough they will eat one of their own to move on.

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On the flipside, i find it quite comforting and hopeful to see a system built for war slowly evolve into a relatively peaceful system of industry :slight_smile:

But I think the specific combination of Industry, Space and PvP combat that EvE provides is a niche market. That niche market is slowly shrinking, along with the rest of the MMORPG scene.

Players today want fast and casual. Not slow and costly. And EvE is definitely in the slow and costly departement.

It’s very evident in this thread that there are content creators, and there are those waiting around for content to happen.

Trust me, the game is much more exciting and fun if you’re a content creator. Be the terror and chaos you wish to see in New Eden… Coming here to complain doesn’t accomplish much.


People just hope things magically happen, its like no such thing as Diplomacy or Agreements ever existed, not only ingame, but in the history of mankind as well…

You want content? MAKE IT! WE are the BEST content creators, Not CCP, infiltrate those big alliances and spice up drama or some crap to make WAAAAAAAAAAR!


Main Title: “The death of EvE”


Answer: “too many blue donuts out there - he needs 30 jumps to find someone to kill”

… … … O-M-G !!


I will never read again posts like this one, only crying babies whining about ridiculous things.

EvE is not focused on anything, EvE is an Open World Sandbox MMO and everybody has the right to do whatever he wants - you’re the one with some PVP issues and its ok if you want to talk about it but the title of your post is completely inappropriate and misleading.

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Oh Boy! I get to post in an other Eve is dead/dying thread. Been a while.

idk about you, but we get regular pvp in nulsec. Guys are hot-dropping our rorq fleets. We’re smashing things and taking names. PvP tournaments are running year-round. I’m not seeing the death that you are so convinced is occurring.

I can usually find a fight after spending an hour in low sec. Even less if I’m dedicated to hunting ratters. OP is lazy.

Yeah but ppl like me have 4 or 5 alts of course they reside in hs space. You can build, mission and all that safely while your main pvps makes sense to me?

This was a satire. No one with a bit of selfcriticism would ever write something like that article, and that is the point.
But its actually truth that so much people prefer high sec, at least from time to time.

Simple solution make it so you can’t blue anyone or form alliances, etc. make eve more of a sandbox rather then Brokeback mountain sequel

only and ONLY if I can keep my character/sp. ill give up all the isk and belongings but I want to be able to port my character over.

Translation: “I don’t like something so obviously that thing is killing EVE. I don’t know what to do about it, but damn it, someone should do something about it. Oh and anyone who disagrees with me only does so because they profit from the status quo”

In other words, typical GD forum ■■■■■■■■, and no recognition that 10+ years of CCP “doing something about it” is what got us into whatever situation that exists in the 1st place…

Try Project Aurora when it will come out.

Mobile game with tactical elements and you are a structure (something different from being a spaceship or human character).

Pay someone to shoot your own and leave a message it was alts of THEM BADDIES! THEM BADDIES are preferably renters.

Two birds with one stone.

This is why they need to develop better PvE IMO.

PvP is self-made. Without it being made or for those who don’t wish to participate, CCP should develop more PvE which I suppose they’ve already began to do with the Blood Raider and now Guristas shipyards, Resource Wars, and Foward Operating Bases.

Be interesting to see what they add next.

Yes. If you have a career, your working hours are low. There is very little of time for fleets that never undock if enemy == yourfleet + 1… Then one might just spend hour or so running some missions or other PVE content. Perhaps chat with other players while doing it.

Cashflow should be important to CCP and farming games are cashcows.

Nowadays after workday I usually just listen music from Spotify. Perhaps read some news from variety of scientific journals. I could also play some EVE, but after FOURTEEN YEARS OF WATCHING THOSE ■■■■■■■ WALLS IN SPACE…