The Drifters, Anoikis, and nearby Quasars in WH Space?

I’v read somewhere that nearby quasars are present or could be observed in Wormhole space (Anoikis) which indicates that Anoikis galaxy is on the edges of the observable universe where distant quasars can be found. Are the quasars actually visible when you go into WH space? I haven’t seen a single brightest object brighter than most stars in the skybox.

If Anoikis is in fact as old as the universe itself, and its where the drifters come from, that would explain why their ships are so advanced. Are the sleepers and drifters as old as the observable universe? Does it explain anywhere where Anoikis is, and the presence of nearby Quasars in WH Space?


There is general consensus that the Sleepers are a sub-faction of the Jove (the survivors of the fallen 2nd Jove Empire), and there is almost consensus that the Drifters are “kind of” a splinter group of the Sleepers. The Triglavians are just about to reveal more about the Drifters, their “Ancient Enemy Azdaja”, as they most likely know more about them than any other faction. Follow the current Triglavian events…

So, no, Sleepers and Drifters are not as old as the observable universe. As Jove descendants, they are human in origin, like all other factions. There are no aliens in EVE.

Afaik, a common explanation why Jove/Sleepers/Drifters are technologically more advanced is that, for some reason, they survived the EVE gate collapse with less damage than our four main factions who lost their historical and technological memory in the dark ages and had to reinvent the wheel. Jove/Sleeper/Drifter technology is still a progression from mankind’s technology on Earth several thousands of years ago but without setbacks and interruptions, or with shorter interruptions, in comparison to the main factions.

About the location of Anoikis, I believe, there is no consensus. I’ve also heard about the quasar thing (I think, even from an old talk of CCP t0rfifrans), even that the star systems of Anoikis are scattered through the whole universe and each system is close to a different quasar, with distances of billions of light years between them. But all that is rumour and speculation, I don’t think there is an offical source or prime fiction which tells us anything reliable about the physical location of Anoikis.

Btw: There is an EVE Lore Discussion Forum. That’s a better place for questions like yours, with chances to get much better answers than mine.


And for the very limited info available, you did a good job of explaining it.

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