The Economic Effect of the Blackout on NS (and Bot Banning?)

Caveat: Part of these effects could be due to the banning of bots in August 2019 which of course is a good thing.

I took the August 2018 and 2019 data from the MERs and did a comparison by NS region.

The overall reduction in ratting/mining income: ~68%.*

In August 2018 the combined ratting/mining income was ~95.2 trillion ISK.
In August 2019 the combined ratting/mining income was ~30.3 trillion ISK.
Total reduction from 2018 to 2019 August ratting/mining income was ~65 trillion ISK.

*Note this is also the weighted average of the regional reduction as well.

Here are the top 10 most affected regions

Since everyone focuses on Goons:

Delve ranked 26th in terms of reduction in ISK/minute going from ~414 million ISK/minute to ~180 million ISK/minute.

Delve still ranks as number one in terms of ISK/minute followed again by Esoteria (with ISK/minute statistics of ~159 million ISK/minute and ~56 million ISK/minute respectively).

Some regions did see an increase in their ISK/minute but these regions were already very low in ISK/minute anyways so even a moderate increase in ratting/mining could have caused a substantial increase. For example, Omist saw the ISK/minute nearly trip from ~7.2 million to ~20.3 million ISK.

Corporations and alliances should be punished too, only not sure how to do it because knowing EvE it can and then very likely will be used as a PvP tool.

I dont understand what this mean. Should a 200 man alliance be punished in the same length as a 20000 man alliance?

Or for that matter if a corporation has someone botting and they don’t know about it…why punish those who are not violating the rules. I don’t check what everyone of my corp or alliance mates is doing…

No alliance in eve is close to having 20k men excluding bots & alts lel, the game does not even have 20k on peak.

Never said individual players.

Oh, and a corp that has 200, doesnt mean that all 200 must be logged in for us to consider it as a 200 man corp.

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We should start discussing the BO/noBO aftermath … the market conditions start to worry me. Prices and more important trade volumes of resources and consumables in the highsec markets are going down on a broad front. Which is probably the result of activity being down and less people involved.

It’s a bit more complex than just blackout, anomaly changes that hit right before it had already started a downward trend on raw isk generation. Blackout simply made people unsub. Both PvErs and PvPers that realised that nullsec is a target void environment nowadays. Then a lot of them unsubbed once the blackout was lifted and we now have virtually no demand for ships when compared to pre-patch levels. Sure, CCP said the majority of players are in highsec, but a lot of those “people” are trading and hauling alts, and the highsec population rarely loses ships in general.

Things are not going to get much better, mind you.

I live in high sec pretty much. With my main, not only alts. And I do see significant increase of numbers, actively ratting even in backyard systems. Gilas everywhere. 6-7 people in local, where you usually see 1 or 2.

Check their corp history. I’m actually curious myself.


The money supply is continuing its downward path. Velocity of ISK has dropped. The transaction tax ISK sink has not fully recovered.

The bottom line is that with a shrinking money supply we’ll likely see a collapse of consumption spending and the overall economy unless it stabilizes. But since the ISK supply is dependent on players…

I think the fact that the active player numbers were down overall year over year even prior to Blackout would have some effect, plus some external factors like WoW classic etc.

Unfortunately it just seems that 3-4 things came together to drive numbers down, and once things start a downward trend it needs a significant driver to spark the upward climb again.

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