Monthly Economic Report - November 2020

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The Economic Report for November 2020 is now available! You can download all the relevant data here and use this thread for player discussion.


Here’s the link to it:

Selling Geckos for 1 mil only!
Selling Geckos for 1 mil only!
Selling Geckos for 1 mil only!

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And the escape from Delve began.


jesus, ratting in 0.0 is dying. at least if you are not a bot…
thanks to: mESS (successor of blackout in terms of impact in 0.0)


This picture is not complete as it doesn’t show the spike up >10% in red/blue loot ISK faucet -> people switch to Abyss running, hence more safe instanced ISK making.

what is the methodology to calculate the mining value, production value and destroyed value?

when i compare the daily totals from the ProducedDestroyedMined csv file with the totals in the RegionalStats csv file for any month, the mining data is close but the Destroyed data tends to be about 2 trillion different and the Produced data tends to be about 30 trillion different, the RegionalStats data comes out as larger vs the ProducedDestroyedMined data.

I have shown this on my website where i track the monthly eve economic data:

Thanks, added to OP. I made a mistake when scheduling the article and it went live earlier than intended before I had this post all formatted.


Looks like the drop in NPC bounties are same as back in July - September last year. What was going on then, and why is it happening again now?

Any update as to how the health of Eve tracking now? Wasn’t there some litmus strip thing to give ‘at a glance’ indication?


There are people that are now making more money with the ESS. Seems to me like some players need to try some new strats, instead of getting mad that the can’t keep getting the same result from using old strats.

But I guess I shouldn’t expect that much from a group that choses to engage in one of the lowest effort, lowest-attention activities in the game outside of maybe mining.


So a few people are getting more ISK and the rest of the playerbase gets screwed, and the solution is for everyone else to change their gameplay to that of the %3?

So quick to criticise, why is it so hard to accept that the problem won’t be solved without more effort than just kicking people down for being the water that flows downhill?

Incursions are skyrocketing on the other hand. Looks pretty clear that people are willing to put in the effort, for the reward. CCP are fixing the wrong problem, PvE that is boring and monotonous gets boring and monotonous solutions.

Make it interesting and worthwhile and it gets people moving.


Proof that both your plan is working and that pretty much everyone hates it.

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As i remember it:

Mining value is the isk value of ore that is mined.

Production is the isk value of items coming out of industry jobs (so it does not include loot/lp store items).

Destruction is the value of killmails (so it includes items that drop in wrecks).

I’d expect that production is under represented by the economic report and destruction is over represented.

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No it shows that CCP is going in the right direction. Anything that advocates afk/botting grind is bad in an MMO that is about interaction and effort=value. By lowering the efficiency and rewards for afk/botting grind we thus get a higher percentage of players who are doing more active stuff, possibly with more interaction.

If that means we might lose some of the really low effort grind/botting accounts or players then so be it. They didn’t add anything to the sandbox anyway, apart from a fcked up economy.


the middle one has 9 :grin:

What do you prefer: Technical analysis or Fundamental analysis.

Look around lately in Null? Apart from a war going in in Delve, most area’s aren’t exactly overflowing with interaction. Last week CCP even had to rebalance the ESS/DBS mechanic as system were dropping down under %75 payout, just to keep them about military level 4. Not exactly a great direction when ADM’s are a core part of the ‘end game’ Null gameplay.

The bounty curve is so similar to blackout, it wasn’t more than a fortnight into that, before people with this kind of attitude who were so ready to point the finger, that were complaining how nobody was left to fight but the stuff under super umbrella’s.

Talking of adding to the sandbox economy, look at the mess CCP makes every time they fiddle with ships. That drone aggression mechanic nerf sent the prices on ishtars down the toilet. Half the interceptors are nothing more than a fancy shuttle.

Its a never ending cycle, isn’t it? There’s never enough PvP, until there is too much, which really means there is no interest in PvP, just easy kills and endless ganks.


I’m not trying to kick players when there down. I’m just getting real tired of the torrent of complaining that has been going on for the past year. Yes, I do sympathize with certain players over certain things, because it does seem like some people do get it harder than others. However, there are people who are straight up making more money with the DBS, and it’s now been buffed twice. So my sympathy for people complaining about this particular change has dried up. It’s no longer a matter of them getting screwed, it’s a matter of them demanding that the game stagnate so that they don’t have to put in any additional effort above and beyond what they have already been putting in.

And quite frankly, I’m starting to wonder if CCP has now overbuffed the ESS. Of course, I have no doubt that the players that persist in using the same deprecated strats will see their incomes suffer, but those that are actually adapting are starting to coming out way ahead.

So, maybe the problem isn’t with the DBS. Maybe the problem is with low effort players.


Looking at the data, npc bounties fell 16.6 trillion in November vs October (fell from 56 trillion to 39 trillion)

the Regions that contributed the most to this, in descending order, were:

Branch bounties fell 2.3 trillion (-54%)
Oasa bounties fell 2.1 trillion (-34%)
Cobalt_Edge bounties fell 1.4 trillion (-40%)
Omist bounties fell 1.3 trillion (-78%)
Delve bounties fell 1.1 trillion (-63%)
Perrigen_Falls bounties fell 0.9 trillion (-31%)
Insmother bounties fell 0.7 trillion (-36%)
Vale_of_the_Silent bounties fell 0.7 trillion (-29%)
Deklein bounties fell 0.7 trillion (-46%)
Malpais bounties fell 0.6 trillion (-33%)


The DBS relies on PvP for it to be influenced in a positive way and there is simply no mechanic to make people come into a given system for them to be sacrificed.

The demand is that CCP take a step back from all the turd polishing and put aside redoing the maps, coding scripted events and change some of the 17+ year old content in the game that’s actually causing the problem.

No, its just fundamentally flawed mechanic to make PvE payouts so dependent on PvP, when the natural occurrences of both are so out of balance.