The EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook

Pity. On a number of levels. The lowest of which (the mercenary one) is I could have done with some TLC.

Still, you can’t contract me a bone if you’ve dismantled your access to the butcher shop! So, “fly safe”. Wherever you choose to do it.

We are all still here.


As long as it is sustainable or until we reach all our goals with inventories. We have however started redistributing resources and this will be an ongoing phase.

Watching, waiting, in the darkness silently observing, sit the CCP Devs.
Also thanks for confirming that the current status is what most of us have been expecting it is.


Just make a cloaking device like any other active module, with say 90sec duration then it goes on cool down , once it is ready you can recloak. This will be more healthy for both sides. Advanced cloaks can have the duration up to 180 seconds. Otherwise it is just a joke.

Unrelated to topic and no, that’s a terrible idea.

I understand your concern xD But that would have been the best change since removal of off-grid boosters. The third changeover would be an encouragement for single account play, but that would be too much I agree.

Definitely a big no to that idea. As an explorer scanning in hostile areas, the last thing I want is for my cloak to automatically turn off and wait for a cool-down timer to complete before I can re-cloak.

And who said you must be invulnerable in a hostile area?

with the sit back and watch ,things wont fix by themself . More nerfs to 00 .What about salvage and npc loot drops and the oversheers from 10/10 escalation,what about the t2 moon go from athanors .What about raising the sov bills.when is the monthly subscription raise going to come?What about removing the endless spawm of ice belts in 00? The healthy eve community is sufering while 00 space is the fat cow.When are the resource distribution gonna hit the wh space we are starving over there… still w8 on the bufs to ikitursha…

First off, a Scout / Explorer usually runs solo and relies on stealth for protection.

Secondly, the scanning window takes up way too much room on the screen.

Third, your idea would make all Covert Cloak ships and modules obsolete.

Maybe you don’t realize it but the whole idea of Covert Cloak is to not be seen or detected.

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It won’t make anything obsolete. 3 minutes is enough to cross the system multiple times and make some safe spots in case you are going to stay longer. The decloak means at least the habitants have a chance to evaluate what threat you expose. Stealth must be tactical and active. Many ships even can’t fit a covert cloak and what? And solo cloaking scout is a myth, most of the time it is a second or third window. And you know people have multiple monitors or use alt-tab to switch between clients.

So please remind me what cooldown reps, shield boosts, invulns, hardeners, the old DCU all have again please?
Modules having cooldown is the exception. Not the rule.

Assault damage control. Reps consume capacitor btw and don’t make you immune to enemy engagement. More powerful reps have charges (paste or batteries). You see the more powerful the module is the more trade offs it has.

And Cloak already has the trade off that you can’t attack anyone, activate any modules, lock anyone, etc.
Nicely done naming a SINGLE module that has a cooldown though, you made my point even better, you made a claim that it was normal module behaviour to have a cooldown after a cycle. It is not.
Anyway, if you want to talk more on cloaks take it to the AFK cloak whine thread.

Then the cool down can be considered a buff. You can target, activate other modules, move faster before you cloak again into helpless state.