The evil "Q" word

(Tekla Rousseau) #1

IMHO CCP should make a special filter for all in game channels…

When someone says the words “It’s quiet, Intel is quiet,” or something of the like the evil Q word should be censored. This is because with out fail whenever someone says “it’s quiet,” intel blows up and then we get fleets out the ass…

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the odd newt from time to time, gives a nice break to hearing the hum of my deep core lasers nomming the mercox. I get to hop in a cheap BC and hug the newt with bullets.

But when some ass hat speaks the evil quiet word we get a massive 60+ fleets of T3 cruisers with covert cynos and carriers… So if CCP can do us all a favor and censor the word “quiet” we can have a better day… Next we just need to figure out a way to mute people on comms before the utter the evil word.

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It’s so quiet around here…

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It’s winter, so I guess one must apply the tinfoil in layers this time of year…

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Proof that “Murphy” is watching. :wink:

(Ralph King-Griffin) #7

Shah! Good to see you’re still knocking about

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