The fate of a snitch

The following is a recording from a coms-thief, delivered to FIO headquarters along with a severed hand.

Radio static followed by overlapping coms signals as the coms thief turns in

… I am only going to ask one more time. Who gave you the information about the stim?

Weak muffled sounds, followed by a gurgled laughter* I’m not telling you anything, traitor

A deep feminine sigh, followed by something sharp being moved over a metal table

“Again with that word… we both know I haven’t had any allegiance to the Federation or Amarr for nearly two decades. You on the other hand still think they will come save you”

There is a slice of metal hitting flesh followed by a scream of pain

“Still think your worthless life means anything to them”

There’s another cut followed by more screaming

“No, my dear capsuleer, your blood isn’t even worth making into cheap wine… let alone stain my tools”

Heavy breathing, followed by a gurgled and pained chuckle

“You really think your words scare me… when I get home… the FIO will give me a medal for stopping your little drug trade… I’m only still here to try and gain more dirt on you, Khanid freak….”

There is a heavy sound of a shaped object stabbing deep, followed by feral sounds of excruciating pain, then quiet and heels on a metal floor walking away

Approximately 127 seconds pass before the quiet is broken by a painful scream that breaks into panicked hyperventilation as the realization of still being bound hits

“you really thought your little self-termination trick wouldn’t be discovered… you see it’s only a matter of slicing up the right brain tissue…

There is a clatter of metal restraints, as the panicked breath increases

“make the device think you’re still alive, healthy even.”

The sound of more tools being laid out on a metal table, as well as the hum of various devices powering up

“So let’s begin anew, shall we? After all, we have eternity together”


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