The First

Carebear thread (2003)

I quit thread (2003)*

0.0 is boring and safe (2003)*

Things to do in eve (2003)*

10 Brownie points to someone who can find the first “Eve is dying”


I dunno, since your first ‘Carebear’ link is actually about PvP pilots crying that they got re-balanced and aren’t doing ridiculous amounts of damage anymore, I’m not too sure you can identify the first “EVE is dying” post.

It’s a bit sad to see that EVE never really attracted the brave, adventurous space-dogfighters the PvP crowd loves to pretend they are, but rather were gate-camping ISK-whores right from the get-go.

Ah well, if you build a crap PvP system, shouldn’t be surprised when it attracts flies I guess.

Nice bit of nostalgia.

–Gadget can’t remember how many clones ago that was…


Aren’t the first posts of that sort on FailHeapChallenge? :thinking:

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