The Friend Ship

I have been playing eve for a short while very on-and-off. People have been telling me that the best ship in the game is the Friend Ship but I can’t figure out how this is obtained. I can’t find it in the ship trees, and I can’t find it on the market either. Can anybody tell me where I can find the Friend ship?

It’s an achievement item. You get it by talking in Local everywhere (except wormholes), joining corps and fleeting up. There’s no known fixed metric for it. Just keep doing those things and eventually you’ll be rewarded.


It is a lie and a joke. And the launcher keeps pestering you with it.

FTFY :wink:

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It’s a most uncommon ship, you can’t fit any modules, but it’s a strong ship to bail you out when in need. Or at least have an ear to mourn your loss…

you guys are bad … you dont gona tell him?

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Permaband are bad.

On the off chance that this is a serious question:

It is a bit of a “truism” and a joke among EVE players.


It is “true” in the sense that no matter how much stuff (see: money, equipment, knowledge and experience) you have… a person with more “friends” is simply more “powerful” as they can do more, see more, experience more, and protect more.

It is a “joke” in the sense that one of the first things you are taught in EVE is to “trust no one” and that everyone is out to screw you over.

Both are completely valid and play off of each other.
You can’t be TOO fearful about engaging with other players (for better or worse) because you want learn more, do more, and have people who can cover you when things go sideways.
But you can’t be TOO trusting because eventually you WILL be screwed over by someone, somewhere.

Ah, the Friend-ship.

Its easy to find, but hard to identify. You could be holding it in your hands and not know it. People will tell you that you have it in your hands, and they could be lying. As light as air and heavy as a black hole. As small as an atom and as big as a star.

The friend-ship.

I can sell you one for 10 billion isk.

I can sell you one for 9 bil 999 mil 999 K 999.99 ISK instead. :wink:

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Ignore him. He will sell you a bricked friend-ship. It will crumble in your hands.

Mine? Mine is the real thing. Would I lie to you? I am Solonius Rex, of house Rex. Most honorable. The king of the sands. The Lord of the mythcastles. The breaker of plains, the destroyer of canes. Who else could be more trustuworthy, other than Chribba, lord of the veldspace?

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Check your contracts.



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