The Gallant Collective is open for Recruitment!

We are a Corp that has a strong back bone in Industry and opening our ranks to active pvp/pve minded players. We do not have a mandatory CTA requirement but ask if you could attend a few to help defend your home. We are openly recruiting ratters, miners and people who enjoy blowing things up. We hold sov space in Catch so plenty of pvp and Sansha rats to blow up, and you can freely rat or pvp in whatever type of ship you’d like. We have active PVP/PVE players as well as an Industry Wing to help answer any questions that you have or what to do and how to fit your ships. So if you have any questions please shoot me an in-game mail or join our in-game channel TGCOL-recruitment. FLY SAFE FLY REQLESS.

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Still looking for more good pilots!!!

Recruitment is still open for all aspects of eve.

P4rT4s Please delete this thread.
Thanks bud