The game completely freezes on the Mac OS

I can confirm the same here! After the update warping crashed the game. I now tried many combinations and resolutions to no avail. Warp = crash!
Is there a setup that could make my game work?

That would indeed be the best workaround, with mac OS Catalina ( = no more 32bit support ) around the corner…

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It’s most likely unrelated[/quote]

Yep, got 32bit working again, although it was freakishly slow to load. Probably just something I fumbled on my end.

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Same here. Iyt actually works fine on my MacBook Pro, but not on my iMac Pro desktop. Takes forever to load and freezes when warping.

Glad this is not just me was getting really frustrated no DCs in like 3 months to 20+ in one day :frowning:

I’m having the same issue with warping and the 64 bit client. Followed instructions to switch to the 32 bit after advice from support, now the game wont load at all past the launcher. Even tried switching back to 64, still wont load. MBP 10.14.3

Yesterday i made a full reinstall of mojave on my Mac mini 2018 with an erase on HD ( SSD ). This morning i download the install launcher and i have the same problem. The program says i have an old launcher ( i download it from the official web site) and the program propose to download an update. I do it. And it says « i don’t find the way… blabla »
I don’t understand how it is possible to have a problem with a clean Mac and a clean MacOs. Thx for reading me.