The game completely freezes on the Mac OS

I can confirm the same here! After the update warping crashed the game. I now tried many combinations and resolutions to no avail. Warp = crash!
Is there a setup that could make my game work?

That would indeed be the best workaround, with mac OS Catalina ( = no more 32bit support ) around the corner…

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It’s most likely unrelated[/quote]

Yep, got 32bit working again, although it was freakishly slow to load. Probably just something I fumbled on my end.

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Same here. Iyt actually works fine on my MacBook Pro, but not on my iMac Pro desktop. Takes forever to load and freezes when warping.

Glad this is not just me was getting really frustrated no DCs in like 3 months to 20+ in one day :frowning:

I’m having the same issue with warping and the 64 bit client. Followed instructions to switch to the 32 bit after advice from support, now the game wont load at all past the launcher. Even tried switching back to 64, still wont load. MBP 10.14.3

Yesterday i made a full reinstall of mojave on my Mac mini 2018 with an erase on HD ( SSD ). This morning i download the install launcher and i have the same problem. The program says i have an old launcher ( i download it from the official web site) and the program propose to download an update. I do it. And it says « i don’t find the way… blabla »
I don’t understand how it is possible to have a problem with a clean Mac and a clean MacOs. Thx for reading me.

Hello, it’s September 27th 2019 now. This issue has now gone unresolved for 15 days. In most companies this would be a system down situation and after 15 days heads would be rolling.

It’s kinda super annoying to have to boot into windows every time I want to do something in EVE.

Please fix. Or at least provide some update.

Hello. I Found a solution. I unsuscribed. :frowning::frowning:

Another good solution besides unsubbing is to install Windows 10 on your Mac, only to play EVE. Then you get maximum possible EVE quality. EVE was made for Windows DirectX and not for the Mac or Linux.

I tried. But doesn’t have enough room in my internal SSD (128 Go). I was happy that Eve was playable on Mac but not on my Mac. I have ten days to change my mind and stay. But thanks for the idea. Think it’s the best way to play EvE.

Wait a minute! If you try – i’m talking about Windows 10 via Boot Camp…

Respectfully, Mac is a supported platform for EVE regardless how it runs in practice. Linux is no longer. If CCP wants to get rid of the Mac userbase they should announce they are stopping support for it. Until then, maintain, test and fix their game.

Let’s not deviate this topic to how to dual boot Macs into Windows as it is a completely different can of worms. Yes, it’s possible, but it’s not the point here.

Let’s also not do the Mac vs Windows debate. Not the point.


Having played this game for almost a decade and dutifully paying my subscription on a yearly basis I expect some sort of refund. The best I could do after attempting all the potential remedies was successfully logging in to a black universe with only the UI windows appearing on the screen. The load time was well over a minute and the game is utterly unplayable.

Thanks for allowing me to donate to your salaries, CCP.



Okay! But the problem is that Microsofts directX is not supported on Mac. And so they need to use the WINE-Translator – directX to openGL. But such translators or emulators never ever give the same quality you get on Windows with native directX. It’s more like a workaround to get it somehow running on other platforms. Furthermore, Apple will remove openGL from macOS, then you need a WINE – directX to Metal – i’m not sure if something is planned by the WINE guys. If Apple would not be such an arrogant and ignorant company, then they would have licensed directX from Microsoft, instead fiddling around with Metal. It would have helped also the whole gaming industry and make ports easy…

If you are going through Steam account, note that you can also play EVE (an many other games) over the NVidia GEForce Now cloud (apply for free beta)

Far from ideal though, so hope to see a OSX fix very soon. Keep in mind that this may be a Wine related issue, so don’t be too hard on CCP.

October 4th Update.

Undock - Click Warp - Freeze.

@CCP. Please fix.

I went through October Patch Notes and there is nothing about 64k client for Mac issue. can you CCP please let macusers know when you plan to fix the issue?

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MacOS Catalina already released. What about EVE for this os?

I resolved the issue by not just reinstalling the client but especially by removing the resource cache folder. the update seems to have messed things up there.

played for a few hours today and encountered no more trouble. posting in case it is helpful to somebody.

Hi everybody, for a long time I also had the screen freeze problem on my MacBook Pro. And finally I solved it!!!

What I did? I installed an App called “Display Menu” on my Macbook, switched to a screen resolution 2880x1800, launched Eve and everything works absolutely fine.

I guess, that the App is switching the MacOS to always use the Radeon Pro instead of toggling between the Radeon Pro and the INTEL HD Graphics…

Hope, this helps others too…

Greetings, Ava.