The game is dying

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Bonjour à tous,
Je trouve que la bataille nullsec devient ennuyante, pas de risque, pas de frissons.
J’ai l’impression que le jeu est en train de mourir doucement.
Je trouve vraiment dommage qu’on fasse une différence par rapport aux whormoles.
Pour moi en 0.0 all space une structre détruite c’est comme un vaisseau exploser.

Car en ce moment taper une structure du type fortizar ou keepstar n’as rien d’intérresant.
Aucun bénéfice sur le kill et beaucoup de perte.
Je m’explique : je souhaite que CCP change le gameplay Nullsec pour être réaliste, donc toutes structures détruites à une chances de drop du stuff.
Point positif :

  • moins d’afk pilote à attendre la fin de la guerre ou de se reconnecter des années plus tard.
  • plus de contents.
  • moins d’isk dans l’univers.
  • moins de charge serveur
  • un trophée à loot et mettre sur sa killboard

Bon jeu et bon week-end à tous.

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Hello everyone,
I find that the nullsec battle becomes boring, no risk, no chills.
I feel that the game is slowly dying.
I find it really unfortunate that we are making a difference to whormoles.
For me in 0.0 all space a structre destroyed is like a ship explode.

Because at this moment to type a structure of the type fortizar or keepstar do not have anything interesting.
No profit on the kill and a lot of loss.
Let me explain: I wish CCP to change the Nullsec gameplay to be realistic, so all structures destroyed at a chance of drop stuff.
Positive :

  • less afk pilot to wait until the end of the war or to reconnect years later.
  • more happy.
  • less isk in the universe.
  • less server load
  • a trophy to loot and put on his killboard

Good game and good weekend to all.

this is my opinion to make CPP react


It’s been dying since 2003. Nothing new here.



It’s been dead since 2013, as everyone that followed EVE development knows.
This thing you call EVE, that isn’t EVE anymore. That’s an abomination.

EvE may be a senior citizen in game years but far from dying if the countless prior false claims of EvE dying are any indication. I expect CCP will enjoy generous profits from EvE for at least 2-3 years more. After that, likely to be some significant diminishing returns going forward unless major changes occur. POSs to Structures and Abyssal Space are significant changes to be sure. Getting wider gameplay in the same game such as FPS, RP, SIM would be major.

CCP had integrated into the Space MMO a FPS [Dust 514 for Playstation], it has been removed. CCP also had a mini Role Play Module we saw for a time as the Captains Closet it was to be expanded to Walking in Stations, that never came to be. CCP further wanted to ingrate a Space Sim. Instead that became a separate game called Valkyrie. What we got in game is the current Cockpit or Nose camera view. EvEs ultimate strength is its single shard client server apparatus. Additionally CCP is not in a strong growth mode regarding staff and studios requiring less overhead cost. Instead it is in position to leverage either its own talent or outside talent for new projects.

Other developing or launched Space Opera games are out there that incorporate Space Flight SIM, Ground Vehicle SIM, FPS and MMORPG in the same game. The Single Shard is their weakness. Additionally some are growing staff and standing up studios. However, once the shard is solved it becomes a whole other thing. Additionally, the competition has no required subscription.

Until that day, EvE remains very strong and serves as a benchmark for the competition.


bless online is dying, revelation online is dying etc this is mor real than eve is dying :slight_smile:
ok, it’s not easy to take in hand but you cant finish it in one waeek or be max level and rule the universe with your cb.
it’s a truly mmo as you can solo it, sure, but go in with friends and you 'll have years of content (DIY)
if you dont make the move to get fun, ok, you’ll get bored to pew some npc in null/wh but did the game ask you to do only that?
so no, eve is still here, after 15 years, ppl coming and living but the players base is real

maybe one day a mmo can replace it in my game time, but for now, i dont see one which can compete it
(i play non mmo game on side like soccer or rpg but i’ve always an eye on my eve’s toons)

I wasn’t there at what you seems to refer to the end of the EVE gold age. What happened in 2013 please ?

Well known historical fact that…
…since 1988.

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I agree that the magic asset teleport mechanics are shite.


Around that time CCPs development direction dramatically changed. They also hired a former EA guy prior and CCP Seagull became EVE’s executive producer. 2013 is about the turning point after it all went downhill with EVE.

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That’s not a new thing. Try lowsec maybe for some small gang stuff?

Hey look. A metal band name. Dying Dead’s new single Hard Down.

Are they a caldari band? …or maybe minmatar is a better fit. Though now that I think about it perhaps the blood raiders are the best choice thematically.

Edit: …hmm or maybe the jovians? :thinking:

I’m pretty sure there aren’t any Caldari that would scream “HULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!” with the same gusto.


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