The Great 2020 CODE Hunt ( 3B+ in Bounties Paid-out so far!)



Ok this is getting silly but I’m glad to know it only takes a for mil to get you to pad the thread.

Thanks again!

You get one point for every post in your thread! Isn’t that right?


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You tell me. You have how many threads going at the moment?


Wow, that’s amazing Quint!

Code has taken to using fittings deemed illegal by their precious code. I am embarrassed to report that Code is now fitting Warp Core Stabilizers! Even her highness has reached a new low:

CODE is not what it once was sadly…

High roller dishing out the big 2BILLION isk :rofl: :ok_hand:

what a loser lmao


If it’s so inconsequential then why are you and your ilk spending so much time and salt here?

Either way, thanks for the bump! Please spend even more time here explaining your position! :rofl: :ok_hand:

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Yeah I’m super salty youve given out isk so little I wouldnt bend over to pick up off the ground hahahaha :joy:

what a pleb

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I give out ISK for destroyed CODE ships. Not a lot are destroyed obviously.

Thanks for pointing that out again! :joy:

What a trooper

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Thanks for the isk! Love the tears in this thread :slight_smile:

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Imagine if every dummy decided to keep an itemized report of their wallet expenditures, and spam the forum with each and every transaction.

4.6M paid! WOW! Thanks for the update!

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Imagine if every dummy decided to blog about what e-spaceships they gank in a game, pretend like anyone gives a poop and spam the forum with pointless pabulum everyday.

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Some high quality CODE salt in this thread that’s for sure!

4.6M paid! WOW! Thanks for the update!

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Again you are thanking me for “pennies”. Too funny. :rofl:

In a few minutes I’m gonna go to to the gas station and get myself a coffee, just 200 million isk for a nice tall cup of steamy black Colombian. Mmmmm.


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