The Great 2021 CODE praise thread (2B+ in Prizes Paid-out so far!)

As the sun is coming back to the North so is @Swedish_Steve coming back to Eve.

This is a thread to appreciate the unsung heroes of CODE.
The Alpha and Omega of New Eden, the people’s last voice against the anti-content mentality.
I will here try to praise at least one hero each week, all is welcome to do the same!

The first champion I would like to praise is:
Mister @Jason_Kusion “the real law of Hisec”, for his dedication and expertise in delivering punishment to the enemies of content and active game play.

As a token of gratitude please take this gift of 1 x “Men’s CONCORD Test Pilot T-Shirt” worth 2,2B+ on today’s market.
It suits you fare better then the “real” CONCORD we meet everyday in-game.


CODE has killed many miners and farmed much salt over the year, and I have been able to farm the salt as collateral damage when it spills out on discord, forums, in-game channels, etc. Praise James 315!

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