CODE. is a good thing

Some people think CODE. is a good thing, what do you think?

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I guess I’ll get back to you on that once the video is finished processing.

But without having seen the video, my personal take is that CODE. is fantastic for the game, and we need more players to enforce it. EVE has gotten too safe, and no one should be free to just afk mine asteroid in highsec without punishment. It runs entirely counter to the core pillars of EVE, and thank goodness we have people like CODE. who are willing to devote their time to enforcing this.

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Thanks dude, its up now.


Having seen the video now, I’m not sure if the “price” thing is really all that important. That being said, my opinion still hasn’t really changed. I think CODE. is good for the game, and we could do with more folks who embrace that aspect of EVE Online.

I completely agree. There is nothing more to say

Well, code may hint botters in nullsec. They would become heroes

Code is the best thing to happen to hisec since Eve began in 2003.

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