A Thank You To The CODE Pilot From The Anti-Ganking Channel

I would like to take this time to thank the CODE Clone Aspirant who infiltrated the TS server earlier using the name Thomas en Chateux. The conversation was in fact very enlightening, especially when the CODE Clone Aspirant who is part of the Conference Elite tried his very best to justify the reason why CODE ganks. All of the long periods of waiting just for that single moment of exalting themselves with laughter and fulfillment must be without argument the best way to spend 15 minutes of every hour sitting in station. Those 15 minutes must be like spending the same 15 minutes with a woman who is Bigly and Hugly Bigly like a well designed Dread Guristas Torpedo.

I would also like to thank the CODE Clone Aspirant for trying to change my mind to join CODE. The conversation was engaging and the scissoric spin was very well placed but in the end the CODE Clone Aspirant was unable to convince me of joining CODE just for the shear fun of shooting spaceships and for no other reason.

The CODE Clone Aspirant did discharge his duties as a CODE Permit operator fully and within the parameters of the CODE edict so he should be ganked for not trying at least. He should be ganked for commenting about how my attempts to fail a CODE gank never succeed because with the bounds of the AG Permit the Conversation Gank was unsuccessful and I did in fact fail his gank. Which he should be ganked for not because he didn’t try but because he did in fact fail.

Thank for the time that you spent trying to convince me to join CODE and thank you for fulfilling this contract with the buckets of tears that I collected while listening to CODE proposition. I considered this contract fulfilled and awarded properly without any deviance from the contract.

Once again thank you for your service…this has been a Diaperdunking service brought to by The Zombie Torpedo Squad who look forward to war decs from CODE just to drain their ISK if only by a little bit for each war dec.

Dryson Beninngton and Draugr Bennington CEO of the Zombie Torpedo Squad.

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I think there may have been an impostor.

However, quality post Dryson. I’m really enjoying the content you are bringing to the forum lately. Massive +1 from me.


IMHO he should get his own forum section so we don’t miss out if he posts some shite content in the more esoteric places around here.

Also I’m not sure if it was an imposter, ag are known for their toxic infighting and insane paranoia. I just really really hope someone screenshoted it all so all this valuable tears of impotent rage can be enjoyed by the whole community.


Should we kill them until they give up scream even louder and more often?

I rather enjoy the valuable content ag brings to the game. Not the actual anti-ganking, they fail at that all day, constantly, every second they try.

They are like some comic book villains who produce never ending fun with their comical attempts at playing EVE, their exploding anger, unjustified confidence and paranoia induced infights.

Dryson here for example with his silly “tactics” has some stunning similarities with Cayote:


Just leaving this here, Mr. Very Desperate Forum Whiner.

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I found the OP very difficult to read, it made no sense :frowning:


This is normal. It’s like reading Shakespeare…once you get the rhythm, you get it.

Ah…yeah, like Shakespeare…:astonished:

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Of all the descriptions for it I would not have chosen Shakespeare. It reminds me of that lunatic a few years ago who tried to argue with CCP on the forums, posted tons of responses from GMs, accused a named CCP community manager of all sorts of wrongdoings, tried the most incoherent spurious internet lawyering, and just had one of the most epic public meltdowns in the history of Eve before being ultra banned. Early stages of that it reminds me of.

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After some rather inspired google-fu on my part I was able to dredge up the name Foxbolt. And ended up at minerbumping reliving the “crazy like a foxbolt” articles. Thanks OP for reminding me that such an epic story exists :slight_smile:


Dryson are you on drugs?

Topic Moved to Crime and Punishment.


Did the individual in question have the initials I and Z?

Oh wait… Foxbolt, although IZ has also had a meltdown and badmouthed CCP employees, all while sitting on his Nightrod wearing a wifebeater.

Please be fair: Foxtrott is far worse than IZ.

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