The Great 2020 CODE Hunt ( 4B+ in Bounties Paid-out so far!)

This is wrong. If what you say here was true, then ganking would be impossible with any ship that needs to shoot more than once to kill the target.

The reason suicide ganking in Catalysts and other ships is possible is that CONCORD takes a few seconds to arrive. Ganks can be made to fail by killing or disabling the gankers before CONCORD arrives.


I’m not sure you understand the situation…I don’t want to defeat CODE therefore there is nothing to lose. Have a cup of tea and think about this for a while as you seem very upset right now.



You are right. That’s why I said “most of the time” in the post before the one you quoted. We both know that the vast majority of them will just whore on Concord kill, and few if any will actually use the method you gave.

Actually, what you said in that post is wrong too. What you might mean, but is not what you said, is that the OP will end up paying pilots that whored on CONCORD kills and had no impact whatsoever on the outcome of the gank IF the gank happened to fail for some reason completely unrelated to the AGs shooting them.

Yeah, that’s what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

You might be right and in the future I’ll have to make a rule amendment to cover this but for now, I’m just going to play it by ear and see how it goes.

If you want to try to do this a little better from the beginning, you may simply discard any damage dealing (not E-War) kills that have CONCORD in them. You may be 100% sure those kills were irrelevant regardless of the outcome of the gank.

The caveat is that some kills that the killmail shows as damage dealing may actually be good E-War kills, e.g. because combat drones were also used in the kill and that’s what the killmail shows…


Great point. I’m hoping that the “no successful gank” bit will filter out most of the fluff…if it doesn’t then I’ll have to adopt your suggestion.

eWar makes things a bit sticky and I really don’t want to discourage simple eWar fits too…I’ll see how it goes.


Bounty paid: 2.5M to each pilot (7.5M)


i thought @Knowledgeminer is one of us now? :confused:

I wonder how many Aiko-points Knowledgeminer has.

Welp…since he recently successfully baited me on a retriever then popped me with a Loki before I could finish ganking it (caught me out fair :slight_smile: - certainly not one of my prouder eve moments, but I’m learning this solo gank thing, getting better, not so eager…) I’m gonna guess he might not be a friend of you code folks…


He believes in The Code, he just has a unique way of expressing it.


You mean the guys who spew their toxic garbage nonstop ingame and worship sociopath ex ag mods, all while failing to stop even a single gank all year? lmao

Luckily you won’t be out much isk


Oh there are sociopaths in all groups…

Hopefully the ISK starts to flow out more freely soon…early days…early days…

Bounty Paid: 600K




Bounty Paid: 5.9M


It’s cheaper to just buy a permit.

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Hmmm, content.