The Great MTU Hunt

G-day everyone this is the official post for the Great MTU Hunt as see on the latest episode of C.M.M.N.N

So lets get stuck into this
The competition will start on the 23rd of January after down time
10pm Sydney time
6am new york time
11am London time
( if my time calculations are incorrect let me know )
The competition will end at down time 23 hours later


  1. no reshipping once you die your score will be logged and your competition is over ( refilling ammo drones and boosters is allowed) so plan ahead or be dead
  2. no hunting allies alts etc just don’t feed your self kills
  3. all living team team members must be on the kill mail for it to count ( teams only rule)
  4. killing other players is allowed and rewarded.
  5. eliminated players can still hunt other players

Rewards and Categories
The following will win a prize:
Most MTU kills for teams an individuals
first player elimination
most player eliminations
biggest sore loser ( most players killed after being eliminated)
most expensive MTU kill

The prizes will be provided by me combined with the entry fees.

How to join
Solo players can join in buy contacting “CHAD MTU POP” of the corp ‘MTU Hunters’
50 million isk entry fee for solo players
Teams can apply by contacting Caldari middle man
250 mill isk entry fee for teams of 5 players
You can join the MTU hunters corp if you are blue to half the game.
Send a eve mail to chad or caldari and i will start the process.
in game channel " SPACE TRASH BASH"

Score cards
When you die or the time runs out team leaders or solo players will be required to submit a score card.
To submit just send a eve mail must contain a link the zkill and also in the mail link any kills of note.

looking forward to seeing you on the day

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